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  • Typography Minimal

  • Typography Minimal is a minimalistic animated After Effects template with a stylish design. It’s so easy to use, simply edit the text and hit render. A short introduction to your presentations, slideshows, promotions, events videos or social media posts. Impress your audience with this clean and creatively animated AE template.No plugins required.
  • Edit it in few clicks:
    • Audio link here: Sport Fashion Technology
    • Text link here: Montserrat

    Project Features:

    • No-plugins required
    • After Effects CS6 and above
    • 1920×1080 resolution
    • Full color control
    • Modular structure
    • Multipurpose

    • Pixel-Snake

      2019-10-31 22:29:53
      Purchased Reply

      Hi friend, cool project! I wish you more sales! ;)

    • Owl3D

      2019-10-31 23:54:54
      Purchased Reply

      Nice design! Good luck!

    • Betterhear

      2019-11-01 08:22:22
      Purchased Reply

      I will never buy a product from anyone who makes crude promo videos to advertise their product, and who thinks profanity is something the world needs more of. You might want to change your name to "Epic FAIL." Because you'll never get a penny from me.

    • TranSMaxX

      2019-11-01 02:20:25
      Purchased Reply

      Nice work! Good luck

    • john_pix

      2019-11-01 01:02:10
      Purchased Reply


    • mustkillah

      2019-11-03 04:27:56
      Purchased Reply

      Looks very nice! +++