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Boating is fun and speed boating is thrilling. Experience the same level of excitement with this fast-paced game. Challenge your concentration and pace by controlling three-speed boats at one point in time.

Make sure that you do not hit a boat along the way or else the game will get over. You will get assistance in the way in form of shield. As you will increase the toughness of the game, the number of boats will increase and your concentration will be put to test. Your score is equal to the number of boats you cross in the way.

Go for a change, instead of running and biking, enjoy the speed boating and improve your concentration.

This game is build by Construct 2 (.capx File Included)

How to play


Change the lane of boat with mouse or arrow


Touch and drag the boat to a different lane


- HTML 5
– Construct 2 Files Included
– Cocoon + Admob Ads Supported
– Playable in all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.)
– Including Constuct 2 file (.capx – all source)
– Easy export to Android & iOS
– Single Touch To Play

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  • tadlaoui

    2018-07-13 08:55:38
    Purchased Reply

    salut j'ai pas trouver la version Construct 2 r250

  • freakxapps

    2018-07-13 15:55:27
    Purchased Reply

    Here is the link for that https://www.scirra.com/construct2/releases/r250

  • drev0

    2018-03-26 04:51:04
    Purchased Reply

    Incredible sales and great mood!

  • freakxapps

    2018-03-26 18:02:35
    Purchased Reply


  • KwabenaOduro

    2018-03-14 03:19:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hi i would like to buy your game but would like to know if there is an api or means to store scores of players or have access to scores of players and save them to a database

  • freakxapps

    2018-03-14 03:32:19
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, We have not developed any api of storing score into database but you can get score from browser local storage. From IndexDB > localstorage > Keyvaluepairs If you get this value you can send to server. All source code and html5 includes in pack Thanks

  • PreScriptZ

    2018-03-13 19:16:15
    Purchased Reply

    Awesome Work! Good Luck With Sale :)

  • freakxapps

    2018-03-13 19:24:18
    Purchased Reply