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WooCommerce Booking and Rental Plugin help you to build your booking business, it’s super easy to install and setup. You will able to rent like cars, bike, dress, tools, gadgets, etc. This is one of the best selling WooCommerce Booking Plugin. This allows you to add unlimited rental products, gives you the option to set your own pricing along with maintaining & blocking calendar. It has “request for quote” section too. Where the user will able to negotiate and you will able to set custom pricing for that person. It brings so many features like Hourly range pricing, Inventory management & variations, Unlimited payable resources, and persons. This Plugin is fully compatible with latest WooCommerce and WordPress version. A lot of options/settings are provided in the backend for example: block rental days and hours, set minimum & maximum booking days, single day booking, maximum time penalty, date format settings, daily basis opening & closing time and many more. This Booking plugin is WPML supported which allows your website to become multilingual.

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Plugin is fully compatible with with latest wooCommerce and WordPress version.

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It creates a new WooCommerce product type , its called Rental product , Where user can set product with various options, such as

  • Google calendar order report
  • Day basis price configuration
  • Monthly price configuration (Seasonal pricing)
  • Day ranges price configuration
  • General price configuration
  • Hourly price configuration
  • Discount on general pricing plan depending on rental days
  • Discount on daily pricing plan depending on rental days
  • Discount on monthly pricing plan depending on rental days
  • Discount on day ranges pricing plan depending on rental days
  • Car availability control
  • Date blocking
  • Unlimited payable resources
  • Unlimited payable person.
  • Three type of date format.
  • Add unlimited product attributes.
  • Add unlimited product features.
  • pickup and return location added.
  • Add pickup and return location cost
  • Admin email notification during new order
  • Set PrePayment during booking
  • Payment due feature
  • Customers email notification during complete order, cancel order, or refund order
  • Product local and global settings
  • Order processing , complete , on-hold, cancel email notification to customers
  • PayPal, Direct Bank Transer, Credit Card payment system
  • Invoice system
  • Email confirmation
  • Full calendar order report for site admin
  • Multilingual

v9.0.3 – 16 Nov 19

- Deposit issue fixed
- Server site validation checking
- RnB Add-ons page
- Max and Min days booking message changed
- Wrong payment due issue fixed on cart page
- Pickup time issue
- Admin booking fields validation issue fixed

v9.0.2 – 16 Oct 19

- Shipping & Tax issue solved on cart page

v8.0.9 – 03 Oct 19

- Price breakdown
- Make deposit non-taxable
- RFQ total price 0 issues
- RFQ form submit redirect issue
- Validation issues solved
- Foreign key issues solved on custom table
- Improved settings panel

v8.0.8 – 4 September 19

- Validation issue fixed
- O price issue fixed
- Error message issue fixed
- Conditional price bugs

v8.0.7- 23 July 2019

-  Reactive pro plugin searching issues fixed
-  Inventory table issue fixed

v8.0.6 – 18 April 2019

-  Flat hours pricing plans
-  Extra hours pricing plans

v8.0.5 – 09 April 2019

-  Hourly Range pricing plan
-  12-hour time format issue fixed
-  Pricing info CSS issue fixed
-  Code optimized

v8.0.2- 19 March 2019

-  Feature & Attributes tab issue fixed
-  Mysql custom availability table prefix issue solved
-  12-hour time format issue fixed
-  Date blocking issue fixed

v8.0.0- 04 March 2019

-  Multiple inventory with multiple quantity
-  Hourly blocking depending on inventories 
-  Inventory data structure changed
-  Documentation updated

v7.0.2- 29 Jan 2019

-  Category quantity issue fixed
-  WPML tab issue fixed
-  RNB & Google Calendar 1 more day issue fixed
-  Modal layout placeholder issue fixed
-  Modal layout locations required issue fixed
-  Total price NaN issue fixed
-  Next, Previous, and Finish button translation issue fixed
-  Current date previous time issue fixed
-  Quantity field not showing in pre selected data issue fixed

v7.0.1- 18 Dec 2018

- RFQ form placeholder customizable
- Translation issue solved
- .po files updated
- RFQ wanted data removed
- Rentable and unlimited booking issue fixed

v6.0.8- 31 October 2018

- 12-hour time format issue solved
- Quantity box input field fixed
- Google calendar issue solved
- Conditional fields documented
- Option panel data translate issue fixed

v6.0.7- 17 September 2018

- Request For Quote - My account issue fix
- Uber Like Layout update
- Settings panel control update
- New design implementation

v6.0.6- 29 July 2018

- Validation message added
- Time based booking quantity issue solved
- .pot file updated

v6.0.4- 15 July 2018

- Holidays blocking on calendar
- Start of of the week day select from option panel
- Validation issue
- Total price currency format according to the wooCommerce currency settings

v6.0.3- 30 June 2018

- Quantity and total price calculation issue fixed
- Pre-block and post block days issue fixed
- RFQ modal email sent successful notification issue fixed
- RFQ button disable issue with error message issue fixed

v6.0.1- 04 June 2018

- RnB Calendar translation issue fixed
- Show inventory reference on rnb calendar and order details page
- Map icon change
- am/pm time format
- Request for quote without username and password
- Global label issue
- Quantity and price update issue fixed
- Quantity validation
- Cancel / Trash orders and date availability feature modified
- Google map console error fixed

v6.0.1- 04 June 2018

- RnB Calendar translation issue fixed
- Show inventory reference on rnb calendar and order details page
- Map icon change
- am/pm time format
- Request for quote without username and password
- Global label issue
- Quantity and price update issue fixed
- Quantity validation
- Cancel / Trash orders and date availability feature modified
- Google map console error fixed

v6.0.0 – 28 April 2018

-  Location choose from google map
-  Map distance count and price update
-  Modal layout added in booking page
-  Fixed checkout page bug with quantity for other produtcs
-  Buffer days added
-  Google map api key added

v5.0.8 – 02 April 2018

-  Google calendar description added
-  Global & Local settings for quantity label
-  Quantity field on/off

v5.0.7 – 29 Mar 2018

-  Quantity Feature [New feature]
-  Inventory and availability checking before place order [bug fixing]
-  Code Refactoring [Enhancement]

v5.0.6- 16 Jan 2018

-  Order cancellation and date availability fixed
-  Product blocked issue fixed for cart page
-  Shop page rental product button label change option

v5.0.3 & v5.0.4- 18 Nov 2017

-  Available time fixed for all date format
-  RnB calendar order issue fixed for multiple item
-  RnB calendar issue fixed for single day booking
-  Request for quote improvement
-  Instance payment issues fixed

v5.0.2- 08 Nov 2017

-  Solved Multiple item in single order issue on rnb calendar 
-  Select2 jQuery plugin added 
-  Instance payment issue solved
-  Request for quote email improved with customer details
-  Some JS and CSS issues solved

v5.0.0- 12 Sept 2017

-  Order status update issue 
-  Total days, Total hours, instance pay string changing option
-  Person string changing option
-  Image showing issue for attribute tab
-  Label changing options for attributes and features

v4.0.9- 08 August 2017

-  Global settings issues fixed
-  Cancel order and date blocking issues solved

v4.0.8- 29 July 2017

-  Global settings issues solved for flipbox, date and time field display
-  Global options link issue solved
-  Date block issues improved

v4.0.7- 19 July 2017

-  WPML issues fixed
-  Global settings default value fixed
-  Price  flipbox issue solved
-  General tab dummy text removed
-  Data saving issue fixed

v4.0.5- 13 July 2017

-  Local & Global Settings Fixed
-  Some CSS issues Fixed
-  Some JS issues Fixed

v4.0.2- 08 May 2017

-  Internal Server issue solved

v4.0.1- 02 May 2017

-  Google Calendar Integration <img src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :)" title=" :)" />

v4.0.0 – 24 May 2017

-  Included category taxonomy
-  Quantity feature on category taxonomy
-  Set min block days on calendar from today
-  Set extra block days on calendar after a booking
-  RnB calendar css issues fixed
-  Select2 issues solved on back-end
-  Set person as Adult and child from back-end
-  During dummy data importing inventory date blocking issues is solved
-  Some CSS issues fixed
-  Some JS issues fixed

v3.0.8- 30 April 2017

-  Select issue solved in back-end
-  Internal Server issues solved

v3.0.7- 12 April 2017

-  Make compatible with wooCommerce 3.0.1

v3.0.6 – 07 April 2017

-  Make compatible with wooCommerce 3.0

v3.0.4 – 20 March 2017

-  WPML issues solved
-  WooCommerce order cancel and product availability checking
-  Weekend booking issues solved
-  Day basis opening & closing times setting options
-  Single day price calculation issues solved
-  Show Pricing dynamic text from setting tab
-  Pricing plan dynamic text from setting tab
-  Instance pay dynamic text from setting tab
-  Total cost dynamic text from setting tab
-  Discount dynamic text from setting tab
-  All .po and .mo files udpated

v3.0.3 – 19 Feb 2017

- Rnb calendar issue fixed
- Code Restructure

v3.0.2 – 28 Jan 2017

- Request For Quote
- Rnb calendar issue fixed
- Shop manager can access rnb calendar

v2.1.8 + v2.1.9 – 12 Nov 2016

- Fixed and per day price calculation in day ranges pricing
- Provided option to set pickup date & time name in cart, checkout and order page 
- Provided option to set return date & time name in cart, checkout and order page 
- Provided options to set resource name in cart, checkout and order page 
- Provided options to set person name in cart, checkout , and order page
- Provided options to set deposit name in cart, checkout,  and order page 
- Provided options to set pickup location name in cart, checkout,  and order page 
- Provided options to set return location name in cart, checkout,  and order page 
- Email translation issues fixed
- All pre-attached .po files updated
- Some CSS issues fixed
- Some JS issues fixed
- Single day booking issue fixed

v2.1.7 – 02 Nov 2016

- Translation issues fixed
- PO and .MO files updated
- Front-end price , currency issues fixed

v2.1.6 – 17 Sept 2016

-  Fixed Inventory and date availability issue

v2.1.5 – 13 Oct 2016

-  German language file updated
-  Spanish language file updated
-  Italian language file updated
-  Dutch language file updated
-  redq-rental.pot file updated
-  Pickup-date placeholder issue solved
-  Pickup-time placeholder issue solved
-  Dropoff-date placeholder issue solved
-  Dropoff-time placeholder issue solved
-  Tuesday spelling issue solved
-  Thursday spelling issue solved
-  Cart page per day and one-time translation issue solved
-  Check out page per day and one-time translation issue solved
-  Book now button text changes from product backend
-  Person placeholder issue solved

v2.1.3 – 05 Sept 2016

-  Delete some unwanted files

v2.1.2 – 30 Aug 2016

-  Full calendar order show issue solved
-  Payment due issue solved on cart page

v2.1.1 – 23 July 2016

-  Single day booking option added
-  Day ranges price showing issue solved

v2.1.0 – 2 June 16

In this version we also add some languages for multi-lingual support. We use po edit auto translation and google translation for that. So this might not 100% translation ready. But for now its just a start. You can help us to fix those issues, so that we can edit to our next version. Let us know if you find any issues.

  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Dutch
-  Full calendar integration in the wp-admin panel for viewing the booking orders.
-  All resources, person, security deposit , locations term delete issue solved

- folder languages:
-  added: German Language files
-  added: Italian Language files
-  added: Russian Language files
-  added: Spanish Language files
-  added: French Language files
-  added: Dutch Language files

v2.0.4 – 25 May 2016

- Pickup and dropoff location name modify
- Js dependency added depend on taxonomies input value

v2.0.3 – 20 May 2016

- Some CSS issue solved
- PHP warning solved during term creation
-  SecurityDeposit taxonomy changed to Deposit

v2.0.2 – 16 May 2016

- Make compatiable with PHP V 5.3 or less 

v2.0.1 – 16 May 2016

-  PHP warning issue solved  
-  CSS design improved in backend

v2.0.0 – 13 May 2016

- Inventory management system 
- Max booking days option added
- Min booking days option added
- Resources, person, security deposite, locations  auto sugesstion 
- Select weekend


v1.0.7- 16 April 16

- Fixed issues with woocommerce default type products  

v1.0.6 – 09 April 16

- Issues fixed with firefox browser 

v1.0.5 – 05 April 16

- Fixed some typography mistakes  

v1.0.4 – 27 March 16

- Make full compatible with others woo-commerce product types 

v1.0.3 – 23 March 16

- Discount on general pricing plan depending on rental days
- Discount on daily pricing plan depending on rental days
- Discount on monthly pricing plan depending on rental days
- Discount on day ranges pricing plan depending on rental days
- Local and global setting to show on/off pickup date and pickup time
- Local and global setting to show on/off return date and return time
- Local and global setting to show on/off pricing flip box

v1.0.2 – 17 March 16

- Set price as floating point value 

v1.0.1 – 13 March 2016

-  Discount on daily pricing plan (major)
-  Set (in percentage) prepayment during booking (major)
-  Payment due feature added
-  Global setting added in woo-commerce->setting tab
-  Show location cost in cart and checkout and order page
-  Show resources cost in cart , checkout and order page
-  Show deposit cost in cart, checkout and order page  
-  Global and local setting added for pickup location title change
-  Global and local setting added for drop-off location title change
-  Global and local setting added for pickup date title change
-  Global and local setting added for drop-off date title change
-  Global and local setting added for resources title change
-  Global and local setting added for person title change
-  Global and local setting added for deposit title change

v1.0.0 – 11 February 16

- initial release.

So far you can use this plugin for multiple uses. Such as car rent, hotel booking, property rent and lot more.

  • Hotel booking
  • Auto rent
  • Rent a taxi
  • Vehicle booking
  • Accessories booking
  • Property booking
  • Boat trip booking
  • Rent a car booking
  • Book anything in the world
  • Rent everything in this planet

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  • djalma81

    2017-10-05 22:52:56
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Team, I've a little question I'm using beaver builder it's your plugin compatible with? Is there any french translation of your plugin? Thanks in advance

  • redqteam

    2017-10-06 05:36:11
    Purchased Reply

    We are not sure about beaver builder.
    Yes, Our plugin is Wpml supported.
    RedQ Team

  • mysuel

    2017-10-07 13:29:28
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, The rental price of my products is given in turn, whether day or night, regardless of the number of hours. It's a flat rate for the same day. However it seems that when renting a product for hours, the price per hour always prevails. My products are not rented by the hour. Is there an option for a rate that is not calculated for hours when the rent happens on the same day?

  • redqteam

    2017-10-08 17:28:53
    Purchased Reply

    Don't worry. Hourly price will not work if someone rents for more than a day.
    RedQ Team

  • mysuel

    2017-10-09 01:49:25
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks. Yes, what worries me is that my products have a flat rate and are always rented for only one day (if you rent them today, they are returned today). The product is taken and collected the same day. For example, if I rent on October 10 at 11:00 p.m. and return it at 3:00 p.m. or at 7:00 p.m. on the same day, the cost is the same. My concern then is, according to this logic: - There is no possibility to deactivate the price per hour. - It seems only recorded in the calendar, inventory, etc. if a product is rented more than 1 day. If it is less than one day, is your non-availability registered? If that does not do the plugin, do you make modifications with some additional cost to make it functional?

  • mysuel

    2017-10-09 02:33:56
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, what worries me is that my products have a flat rate and are always rented for only one day (if you rent them today, they are returned today). The product is taken and collected the same day. For example, if I rent on October 10 at 11:00 p.m. and return it at 3:00 p.m. or at 7:00 p.m. on the same day, the cost is the same. My concern then is, according to this logic: - There is no possibility to deactivate the price per hour. - It seems only recorded in the calendar, inventory, etc. if a product is rented 1 day or more; not if it happens the same day. If it is less than one day, is your non-availability registered? If that does not do the plugin, do you make modifications with some additional cost to make it functional?

  • redqteam

    2017-10-10 18:10:02
    Purchased Reply

    Hi , If you activate single day booking form product setting panel then For example, if I rent on October 10 at 11:00 p.m. and return it at 3:00 p.m. or at 7:00 p.m. on the same day, it will count as 1day. and price will be calculated as single day price. Hourly price will not work here. We're provide plugin customization with USD $40/hourly rate.

  • mysuel

    2017-10-11 01:27:49
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you very much for the reply. The last thing I think is about the availability of the product. I do not find a stock management of it. I only have one and in the demo I created a product called "saltarin". I rented it the same day, everything ok, the price well, appeared on the calendar. But when I want to rent it again, the date on which the product is rented is still enabled. Is this because of the stock issue as if there were more? How could the system tell you that there is only one available for that day?

  • mysuel

    2017-10-11 02:05:08
    Purchased Reply

    In "Quick Edit" I see that there is a box of Stock and to put quantity. I put 1. I checked through the front end the possibility that that product is rented on October 18 and still appears available even though on October 18 that product would already be reserved. You tell me if there is another way that does not happen. should on October 18th be disabled the calendar option in the front end, right?

  • redqteam

    2017-10-11 18:19:47
    Purchased Reply

    please read our inventory management from here https://redq.gitbooks.io/woocommerce-rental-and-booking/content/inventory_management.html and Availability from here https://redq.gitbooks.io/woocommerce-rental-and-booking/content/availability.html
    Suppose, you have two inventory under a product. You want to disable some dates from backend. Then you have to go to inventory->all inventory and find your inventory. Then you have to disable date from all 2 inventories. If you disable date from one inventory , then the date will not be disable. For disabling date from the backend perfectly, you have to disable the date from all of its inventory.
    RedQ Team

  • sjoblin

    2017-10-12 18:05:27
    Purchased Reply

    Hi I only have one product to rent but there is 15 of them. Have you added this to the plugin yet so that my customer can rent 3 bikes at one time.

  • redqteam

    2017-10-12 21:45:18
    Purchased Reply

    Suppose a seller has  5 same products. It is obvious that he will not want to create  5 different individual products for them. At that portion, the role of inventory management comes into Play. By using RnB plugin, you don't have to create 5 individual products.  The only thing you have to do is just to create 1 product from inventory tab and then you have to configure those 5 same items.
    RedQ Team

  • sjoblin

    2017-10-13 07:15:28
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, thanks but Im a little confused. Im trying to work it out using your demo. Do I create a product in woocommerce called, for example, Electric Bike, then do i scroll down to the product data and go to the inventory tab and add 5 bikes there under inventory management so that i have bike 1 bike 2 bike 3 etc or do I go to the Inventory section on the left admin panel where it has links to All Inventory, RnB Categories etc and create the product there.

  • sjoblin

    2017-10-13 07:24:20
    Purchased Reply

    Also I need customers to be able to rent more than one bike but i dont see anywhere that they see how many are available on each day or a drop down box to order quantity

  • redqteam

    2017-10-14 14:26:26
    Purchased Reply

    Hi , Here you will get the full documentation of this plugin. https://redq.gitbooks.io/woocommerce-rental-and-booking/content/ You can check the docs and go through step by step. It would be much helpful for you to create a complete rental product. Quantity feature still not available in our plugin. So you can can't book multiple quantity of a product at the same time. Thanks

  • djalma81

    2017-10-20 19:26:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hi team, I've a presale question, it is possible to send you a mail in order to ask you all the personal things?

  • redqteam

    2017-10-20 19:28:02
    Purchased Reply

    Hi sure. You can ask your question through our mail . Thanks

  • djalma81

    2017-10-21 22:11:24
    Purchased Reply

    Ok I've send an email, waiting feedback. BR

  • redqteam

    2017-10-23 18:02:31
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you

  • djalma81

    2017-10-24 19:21:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Team, it is possible to reply me today ? I'm on a project and I need the feedback asap, thanks in advance

  • redqteam

    2017-10-24 20:46:38
    Purchased Reply

    We replied to our mail.
    Thank you.

  • djalma81

    2017-10-25 01:13:50
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I didn't receveid the mail :( could you please resend it

  • redqteam

    2017-10-25 17:51:19
    Purchased Reply

    We haven't checked for multisite. But some of our customers checked it for multisite and it is working fine.
    No, only admin can change availability.
    RedQ Team

  • djalma81

    2017-10-26 03:39:52
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I've not asked about multisite could you please recheck your inbox and reply to my mail ? Thanks in advance

  • redqteam

    2017-10-26 17:22:35
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Please check our reply in your mail thanks

  • nunozhu

    2017-10-25 11:25:07
    Purchased Reply

    Hi i have 2 pre-sales questions. Does your plugin allow sync with iCal (Airbnb, Booking, etc). Can i also set the prices for specific dates for example for eastern, saint johns, christmas, longer weekends?

  • redqteam

    2017-10-26 17:25:05
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Thanks for your interest. Our plugin works fine with google calendar and full calendar in back-end. Our plugin has not date based pricing plan yet. Thanks

  • jdiazro

    2017-10-31 06:35:42
    Purchased Reply

    Pre sale questions: 1. Is it possible to just make a simple Reservation: filling a form, without checking out nor paying anything? 2. As my site is for booking hostal rooms, can I hide the "pickup" and "drop-off" locations fields in the front end? 3. Can I delete and create new reservations MANUALLY, directly on each product calendar? 4. Is it possible to block days, weeks and months, for not allow bookings? 5. Do you have an idea of when global calendar could be add to plugin new features? 6. I have read in this comments that NOW ReactivePro, working together with RnB Plugin, supports date range filter option via date picker. Please can you tell me if I would be able to use it in the same different options that are shown in the RectivePro demo site: Topbar Dropdown Search, etc.? Congratulation for your work. Thank you in advance for your response.

  • redqteam

    2017-11-02 22:09:03
    Purchased Reply

    1) No.
    5)Sorry, we are not sure about the exact date.
    6)Yes, it is fully compatible with reactive pro.
    RedQ Team

  • bulls_shark

    2017-11-09 04:58:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hello you get from here no notifications when you send a message? Wait for days for an answer. Support does not work because of my expired code, so I can not even create a ticket :(

  • redqteam

    2017-11-09 18:00:38
    Purchased Reply

    Can you please ask your questions here ??you have to renew your support to create a ticket.

  • bulls_shark

    2017-11-10 03:48:01
    Purchased Reply

    Hello I am currently testing your plugin for a company because I have had good experiences. He also wants to buy a license for the plugin if everything works. Unfortunately, the distances do not fit between the extras and between € and per day or once missing a space. You had planned a calculation of the journey by km and google map. How far have you been? So that the customer can also offer his taxi service. For this I need help in calculating his prices 1 hour 99 €, 3 hours 149 €, 6 hours 170 €, 15 hours 120 €, 24 hours 200 €, 48 hours 360 €, 72 hours 450 €, 96 hours 600 € Thanks for your time and the great support you always provide. Already have other interested people for your plugin.

  • redqteam

    2017-11-11 22:31:50
    Purchased Reply

    ''1 hour 99 €, 3 hours 149 €, 6 hours 170 €, 15 hours 120 €, 24 hours 200 €, 48 hours 360 €, 72 hours 450 €, 96 hours 600 €'''- This type of hourly calculation is not possible by our plugin.
    RedQ Team

  • beginwithb

    2017-12-08 09:26:39
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, How may I unblock the booking dates that was previously booked by a customer who didn't complete the transaction?

  • redqteam

    2017-12-09 16:48:22
    Purchased Reply

    You can delete the order. Then the booking date will be available.
    RedQ Team

  • tupibr

    2017-12-21 00:31:33
    Purchased Reply

    Hello I have the following situation: I work with daily reservations, but I need to put an hour of entry and an hour of departure, if the time of departure is more than 24 hours should calculate one more daily. it's possible?

  • redqteam

    2017-12-21 18:19:25
    Purchased Reply

    sorry, this is not possible by our plugin currently.
    RedQ Team

  • shiringit

    2017-08-29 00:47:09
    Purchased Reply

    can i use this plugin for providing booking option to any custom post type in wordpress?

  • redqteam

    2017-08-29 22:09:08
    Purchased Reply

    No, Only product post type is supported.
    RedQ Team

  • tshwanom

    2017-09-07 09:40:10
    Purchased Reply

    I am not sure if this is only happening to me or is there a bug.... when you try to enter the time it shows the calendar instead of the time..... please see the screenshot https://s.nimbus.everhelper.me/share/1103721/5mhq0t21tbmfo4mskdnt

  • redqteam

    2017-09-07 20:55:35
    Purchased Reply

    This is weird. This should not happen. Can you please submit a ticket via our support forum and send your credentials. I'll check where you did it wrong. thanks

  • tshwanom

    2017-09-07 22:36:35
    Purchased Reply

    Do I have to renew my support for me to submit the ticket?

  • redqteam

    2017-09-09 19:07:00
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, you have to renew my support to submit the ticket
    RedQ Team

  • awantay

    2017-10-02 01:38:10
    Purchased Reply

    does this Make compatible with lastest version of worpress and wooCommerce? what to do if the "rental product" option is not found in product beta?

  • redqteam

    2017-10-02 20:59:08
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce.
    “rental product” option should be found. If any error occurs regarding our plugin, our support guys will help you to solve.
    RedQ Team

  • awantay

    2017-10-03 21:08:02
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you for your reply. Now I have few enquiries/suggestion for this plugin: 1.1. Do this plugin have global search filter function (at sidebar) for the product availability at the shop page? So users can see what is available during the period they need and also see the quantity of the available products. or it can be done by other plugin? 1.2. If there is global search filter for rental duration to see the product availability, once the users input the rental period, the date can be save and imported directly to all product pages . Therefore, users do not need to input the rental period so many times, users just need to change the date at the global search filter at sidebar. or it can be done by other plugin? 2. Can this plugin allow users to book a product in different quantity? For Example, Users are allowed to change quantity before booking. or it can be done by other plugin?

  • redqteam

    2017-10-04 17:39:38
    Purchased Reply

    Search and filtering option is not available in our RnB plugin. You can see our Reactive Pro plugin for Search and filtering option. It is compatible with our RnB plugin.
    RedQ Team

  • Woodteka

    2017-06-06 19:42:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hello redqteam, please answer in my tickets... https://redqsupport.ticksy.com/

  • redqteam

    2017-06-06 20:20:21
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Replied. Please check thanks redqteam

  • Woodteka

    2017-06-06 20:53:09
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you...

  • redqteam

    2017-06-07 04:13:26
    Purchased Reply

    Welcome :)

  • bulls_shark

    2016-11-09 03:47:16
    Purchased Reply

    Find it a shame that must be purchased for common design problems a premium support. As the distance from the button when you do not upgrade or a number range which is standard in WooCommerce. Thus I have on another plugin change. Nevertheless, thanks for the support.

  • bulls_shark

    2016-11-09 08:28:16
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks to support for the rapid response via email. Per Ticekt system was clarified everything.

  • redqteam

    2016-11-09 22:17:15
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks :)

  • 3wwwGR

    2016-11-11 06:25:44
    Purchased Reply

    Hello there! How can i set custom price base on book days AND based on month... e.x different price if the client books for 6 days on january, different price for 6 days on december and different for 14 days on december..

  • redqteam

    2016-11-11 15:29:22
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Hope you are doing fine, However for support please write to our new support forum https://redqsupport.ticksy.com/ so that our support team can have a look at it. NB: please attach all the necessary information like screenshots of your issues and admin credentials in your ticket so that our developer can have clear understanding of your issues. our support team will get back you after replying to the previous tickets. Thanks Redaqteam

  • grmid

    2016-09-22 08:31:01
    Purchased Reply

    It is possible to leave preselected pattern or the following fields: * Pickup Date & Time: the date and the current acts minute range ?? * Drop-off Date & Time: In open, or running the value per hour from the current date ?? * Locations: Fixed the pickup and delivery in one place ?? By clicking on book now instead of going to the cart, I would have to be a timer, counting time and value, only the vehicle delivery would be made checkout. It's possible? In fact, I seek an application for car parking, not for a car rental agency, the problem is that everything is booking and do not want to booking, I want something practical, the vehicle arrived, registered, print the ticket and only pay on exit. It would be for parking lots without automatic gate, manual service. I find nothing in WP or PHP.

  • redqteam

    2016-09-22 19:35:23
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for your interests in our plugin. You can set hourly based price calculation. You can change the text for placeholder pickup & drop off to anything. Check our admin demo. Give it a try. Then if you think we need some customization we can provide it via paid support. Send us you query https://codecanyon.net/user/redqteam for paid support service. Thanks,

  • Niall001

    2016-11-02 05:28:07
    Purchased Reply

    Hi I'm looking to achieve a search + booking system that pulls search results from Opening Hours entered by new signups and removes them from search results when already booked for time + date, very similar to the search + booking system used on Hassle.com. Can your plugin achieve this or can you advise how it might be achieved? Any help greatly appreciated.

  • redqteam

    2016-11-02 13:41:25
    Purchased Reply

    hour based booking would be complex to handle, but we do have a plugin that supports day based booking and different inventory management. https://codecanyon.net/item/rnb-woocommerce-rental-booking-system/14835145?ref=redqteam RnB plugin will work with Reactive without any problem. thanks

  • Plurthlings

    2016-03-19 04:11:41
    Purchased Reply

    Aloha! Unfortunately I am gonna need a refund. The functionality I require is not available in this plugin, thought it might have worked. Almost! needed measurement price calculation Besides that, pretty cool plugin, Im sure it would work fine for someone who didnt need this feature. thanks!

  • redqteam

    2016-03-19 05:04:33
    Purchased Reply

    Hi , Can you please explain us in details which functionality you needed, so that we can help you to accomplish it ? We also provide premium support. And for refund please contact with envato support system. They totally controlled it. Thanks RedQTeam

  • wp_flamingo

    2016-02-14 09:43:15
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, very nice plugin, If you have google map in the form of pick up, drop off location and cost per distance calculate, I will buy immediately, Do you plan to have these feature too? Thanks

  • redqteam

    2016-02-14 15:08:36
    Purchased Reply

    Hi , Thanks for your interest and nice recommendation about this plugins. Currently google map integration for pickup and return location is not available. You can define address and title and their shipping cost manually . check this in our docs https://redq.gitbooks.io/woocommerce-rental-and-booking/content/locations.html . We have plan to integrate google map integration. and we will give priority depending on our customers demand. Thanks, RedQTeam

  • Lastscene

    2016-06-22 06:02:40
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Redqteam, About your wordpress plugin WooCommerce Rental & Booking System, im running a shop that is build around rental and sale of our products. The shop has nothing to do with car rental, so I would like to know if I can use your plugin on my site. It needs to be able to do the following: - Rent a product for a fixed period of time (2 weeks + 4 weeks) - Customers need to be able to pick the date they want to rent the product (Calender system). - Customers got to be able to buy the product after the first rental period. - Some sort of return system in the backend. Would it be possible to tweak/rework or setup your plugin to fit my shop? Haven't bought your plugin yet, but should it match my needs for my shop. Ill do it in a heartbeat. Hope to hear from you. Best Regards Mark

  • redqteam

    2016-06-22 16:13:06
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Lastscene , Thanks for your interest and kind words. Our plugin provides day ranges pricing plan. I hope you can use this for your need . With our plugin , you can book any day&time basis booking. We provide admin demo and online documentation. You can check it before buying. thanks redqteam