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The most powerful PDF & image viewer for your website!

Real3D Flipbook displays your PDF-s or images as ultra realistic 3D flipbooks inside your website. No flash needed, 100% HTML5. Easy to use. Customizable UI. Customizable flipbooks.. Fully responsive, optimized for mobile. Single page view, deep linking, interactive pages, PDF text search, PDF hyperlinks, unlimited books and pages, lightbox and much more

What Buyers Say

Amazing: fast, good design, functional, friendly support!
- luisbalboa-creativeworks

After trying around 5 other plugins, Real 3D Flipbook stands out as the best one for many reasons. Among them: the quality of the plugin design, the variety of options available, and above all, the wonderful technical support from the developer, who helped me a lot to achieve the best results for my website.
- atef_wagih

Easy to use – and it`s looking absolute fascinating …

Well done – good job !!!
- 4XSetUps

This really is an amazing plugin. But the best thing about it is that the author continues to improve it, support it and generally make it better and better and better. Thank you!
- anneboleynfiles

An excellent plugin, flexible, with the added bonus of having great support. Easily the best solution for flipbooks for wordpress !
- JaimBateman

After purchasing another plugin for flipbooks that was a pain to work with I was already pretty doubting if I should purchase this. However it turns out to be good, easy and fast in use!! It can work with large PDF’s en you not have to buy another seperate plugin for that purpose. Furthermore it has a great overview over the books and last but not least my PDF’s are shown in a great way on the site.
- Jip1980

Optimized for mobile. Separate options for mobile. Support for dynamic HTML content on pages. Comes with multiple view modes and automatic fallbacks. It is a mature product that offers the best reading experience on all platforms and devices. All future updates are free. Source files and documentation included.

Easy to use

Creating flipbooks is fast and easy, just upload your PDF or images and insert the shortcode into your post or page. Many settings can be changed via shortcode parameters. Single shortcode can be used to display multiple PDF-s. Easy move to another server with export / import.

Flipbook from PDF

Display PDF-s directly in your website! User can view your PDF-s without downloading them, and without leaving your site. PDF pages are rendered one by one, so user can start reading the PDF before document is fully loaded. Supports internal and external links. All links inside the PDF will automatically work inside the flipbook. Supports text selection and text search with keyword highlighting

Flipbook from images

You can create flipbook also from images. Images can be landscape or portrait, single page or double page with cover as single page.

Realistic WebGL flipbook

Real3D Flipbook uses Javascript 3D library three.js to create ultra realistic 3D flipbooks with page bending, shiny pages, lights and shadows. This allows you to customize the flipbook in great detail. You can change page thickness, metalness and roughness, shadow darkness, camera angle, camera zoom, light color and position. You can also enable / disable lights, shadows and antialiasing.

CSS 3D & 2D flipbook

Ultra fast and lightweight flipbook made with CSS3, without use of WebGL. If your priority is fast page loding and high performance then CSS flipbook is the best option.

Swipe book

Touch friendly swipe mode can be used only on mobile or as default viewer. Swipe mode displays documents with horizontal swipe instead of flip, which is more natural on mobile devices. Swipe mode detects screen size and orientation to display single page or double page layout.

Customize UI

Real3D Flipbook fits perfectly in any theme because you can customize the user interface completely. You can change menu colors, button colors, shape, size, border, shadows and hide buttons you don’t need. Each menu button can be positioned left, right or center, top or bottom. Top and bottom menu bars can be full width, centered or transparent. Buttons on transparent menu bar can have different design then regular buttons. Order of buttons is customizable. Choose from 3 predefined skins and 4 predefined UI layouts. Choose between Font Awesome and Material icons sets. Use advanced UI options to further customize everything.

Customize flipbooks

Create flipbook that fits your content perfectly by customizing anything from page flip speed, page flip sound, papar thickness, camera angle, lights, page shininess, page metalness, zoom levels end much more.

Embed modes

Lightbox (fullscreen overlay)

With lightbox mode you can put a text link or an image link anywhere on your site and by clicking on a link the flipbook will be opened in a lightbox. This way you can have multiple books / magazines / brochures on the same page.

Responsive (boxed)

Responsive mode creates a flipbook with optional size that can be put anywhere inside a page or post.


With Fullscreen mode the flipbook will cover the entire page, with option to be below the page navigation.


NEW – Bookshelf

Bookshelf addon enables you to create responsive fully customizable shelves for Real3D Flipbooks. Shelf is highly customizable – you can choose metal, wood or glass shelf or use your own custom shelf image. It can also be used to create a grid with flipbook covers (without a shelf). You can also customize cover size, cover shadow, shelf background color, cover align, margin and padding. </

WPBakery Page Builder

Integrate Real3D Flipbook with Visual composer using Real3D Flipbook for WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) Addon Addon enables you to add / edit flipbooks as Visual composer elements.

More features

Optimized for mobile

Real3D flipbook works well on all platforms – desktop & mobile. The default WebGL mode offers realistic 3D page flip animations with page bending, lights and shadows. This mode is supported on desktop browsers. There is alternative CSS3D mode that uses only CSS3 animations. There is also the Single page mode can be used as default or can be used only on mobile devices.

Interactive content inside flipbook

You can add any HTML content to flipbook pages. You can create interactive pages with links, buttons, videos, music players, iframes or anything that is possible with html css and javasctipt. Create video albums, portfolio books with interactive pages, magazines with links, videos and music…

Table of content

Create custom multi-level table of content. Supports also PDF outline (table of content embedded in PDF file).

Unlimited flipbooks

You can create unlimited number of books that can be placed anywhere on your website.

Managing flipbooks

You can edit, duplicate and delete books from your library. You can also export all books to JSON. Duplicate function allows you to create template flipbooks so you can fast create new flipbooks by duplicating the template.

Shortcode parameters

Shortcode supports number of different parameters for even easier use. Use same shortcode to display different PDF-s.

Single page view

Flipbook layout can be changed based on the device type. Besides the standard double page view, there is a single page view that can be used either on mobile devices or both on desktop and mobile. Single page view offers better reading experience on smaller screens but still keeps the 3D flipping effect and shadows.

Right to left mode

Right to left flipbook for eastern countries. Flipbook starts from the right and pages are in reverse order.

Deep linking

Link to specific page from the URL, for example open book at page 2

Free Updates

All future updates are free for all buyers. You just need to redownload the plugin from Codecanyon to get the latest version. When updating to latest version all your current flipbooks will remain saved.


To update the plugin just redownload the file, uninstall current version  and install new version. Your flipbooks will remain saved.

v 3.10     1 October 19
-fix - font-awesome icons for share buttons
-option lightboxShowMenu - show menu while lightbox is loading - to be able to close lightbox before it loads
-fix - option for book info on lightbox thumbnail hover - disabled by default

v 3.9
-bug fixes
-performance improvements

v 3.7.17
-bug fixes

v 3.7.5
-bug fixes
-new - more options for UI customisation - top menu bar, floating menu bar, position buttons left, right or center, top or bottom, set button order

v 3.7.1
-new - open lightbox flipbook to specific page via deep linking (url hash)

v 3.7
-bug fix - crashing of pdf flip book on iOS 12
-improvement -  performance and page loading time of pdf flip book

v 3.6.15
-bug fix - unable to create new books
-bug fix - enable / disable menu buttons on mobile

v 3.6.14
-bug fix - right to left mode - thumbnails and table of content reversed
-bug fix - share via email - url from options
-updated to latest version of three.js

 v 3.6.13
- bug fixes - sort flipbooks by name and date

 v 3.6.8
- pdf.js updated to latest version
- bug fixes
 - new - global options

v 3.6
- Gutenberg support - add flipbooks as Gutenberg blocks
- bug fix - pdf links
- bug fix - fullscreen in Chrome 71

v 3.5.3
-bug fixes
-added descriptions to plugin options
-fix for cross origin errors caused by protocol mismatch
-crate custom multi-level Table of content
-support for embedded PDF outline

v 3.4.17
-bug fix - double tap zoom

v 3.4.13
-bug fix Chinese caracters
-bug fix fullscreen mode

v 3.4.10
-bug fixes

v 3.4.8
-bug fix - pdf text search
-bug fix - lightbox close on click outside the book
-bug fix - lightboxMarginV, lighboxMarginH
-bug fix - webgl - lightboxCloseOnClick
- new - translate 

v 3.4.5
- bug fix - 3d and 2d modes when caching plugin is active
- other bug fixes

v 3.4
-fix - disable menu buttons
-swipe mode improvements
-double tap zoom
-mouse wheel zoom enabled only in fullscreen
-lightbox open fade in

v 3.3
-new - view mode "swipe" 

v 3.2
-added page shadows for webgl
-new light and shadow options

v 3.1
- fix - scrollbar for table of content and thumbnails
- fix - last page pdf not displaying
- fix - side buttons options
- updated to latest FontAwesome icons
- added UI templates from plugin demo page

v 3.0
- responsive view for "3d" and "2d" modes
- page shadow for "3d" and "2d" modes
- improved stability on mobile 
- choose different view mode for mobile
- page resolution is 2048px by default
- fix - lightbox fullscreen
- fix - more pages are cached on desktop
- fix - responsive view right to left
- fix - zoom to mouse position for "3d" and "2d" 
- autoplay loop
-fix - shortcode parameters for using one book multiple times with different options
-fix - page scroll on mobile

v 2.9 fixed security issues: - Delete any file or directory from the server (Unauthenticated) : - Upload images in Root directory (Unauthenticated) - Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability

Standard jQuery Version :

Real3D Flipbook jQuery plugin

Magazine templates used in the preview

Magazine Template – InDesign 40 Page Layout V7
Stylish InDesign Magazine template
Brochure template

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  • d-newson

    2017-10-14 04:50:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, is there a way to make the buttons at the bottom for printing, and in particular downloading the PDF larger/ I have a client who wants to enable visitors to download the PDF's she creates and wants the button to stand out more?

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2017-10-16 19:28:02
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, yes it is possible to change button size in plugin admin, under "layout settings" Cheers

  • FlorimDigital

    2017-10-26 21:01:43
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I have a bug with your plugin. When I zoom-in the pdf turn full-white. See the problem at this link: http://rassegna.florim.it/20171001_cedit_rifare_casa/. It happens random. please let me know ASAP, it's quite urgent and lots of our users have seen the problem. Thank you.

  • FlorimDigital

    2017-11-08 18:42:44
    Purchased Reply

    Have you sent a reply to my email? I'm still waiting. Thank you.

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2017-11-08 20:39:21
    Purchased Reply

    Sorry for delay, email sent. Cheers

  • yurshmily

    2017-11-14 17:18:51
    Purchased Reply

    I sent you an email about this. I can preview all my flipbooks in the admin section but they don't work on my site. Please help.

  • gibbonfeet

    2017-11-16 19:05:28
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I have recently purchased this plugin, it looks to be working fine in the WP admin backend with preview but its not displaying on the pages such as the one below. Could you take a look please: Thanks

  • gibbonfeet

    2017-11-16 19:07:01
    Purchased Reply

    a page not using VC:

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2017-11-18 00:29:55
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, you need to set z-index for fullscreen flipbook. Default is "auto", you need to change it to "9999" Cheers

  • gibbonfeet

    2017-11-18 12:11:13
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, the element isn't even being output on the page? Which element on the example page I gave you needs the z-index set? thanks

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2017-11-18 12:17:58
    Purchased Reply

    In flipbook admin, there is an option "z-index of flipbook container"

  • gibbonfeet

    2017-11-22 17:12:41
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you, that seems to have fixed the issue. Can you tell me how to back the annual report open in a light box when someone clicks on a link?

  • eurotradeflooring

    2017-12-13 01:35:19
    Purchased Reply

    Is it compatible with php7? If it does not work as we wish, is there money back?

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2017-12-14 00:13:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, please send the link so I can check, you can email me at my profile page. Cheers

  • eurotradeflooring

    2017-12-14 03:40:57
    Purchased Reply

    I have not bought it yet, that's why I asked.In the test, I see that from an image the PDF is opened, you can get the same with a link in the menu, without image

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2017-12-14 05:52:56
    Purchased Reply

    Yes flipbook can be opened with a link from the menu or any other element on the page.

  • eurotradeflooring

    2017-12-14 20:56:55
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks! Is it compatible with php7? If it does not work as we wish, is there money back?

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2017-12-15 00:00:37
    Purchased Reply


  • eurotradeflooring

    2017-12-21 19:03:57
    Purchased Reply

    I've been waiting 5 days for you to answer me how to convert the shortcode into a link to put it in the menu and I still have no answer, you can speed it up?

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2017-12-22 01:39:31
    Purchased Reply

    Sorry for the delay, I sent you an email. Cheers

  • eurotradeflooring

    2018-01-02 20:52:08
    Purchased Reply

    Hi creativeinteractivemedia, thanks for the answer but you did not answer me how to put your PDF as a link in the menu

  • MarkDaPirate

    2017-08-04 18:24:52
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, we seem to be having issues with the latest update of wordpress. Mainly effecting IE and chrome on windows 10. Any ideas on a fix?

  • MatrixFour

    2017-05-25 06:24:21
    Purchased Reply

    Hi There, does this plugin create flipbooks with keyboard accessibility? I need to find a solution for AODA and to have keyboard navigation. Please let me know if your plugin does such things.

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2017-05-26 18:45:45
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, yes it supports keyboard navigation, you can flip pages with LEFT/RIGHT keys.

  • lumen-creative

    2017-06-15 07:14:33
    Purchased Reply

    How in the world can I use vertical and horizontal orientation together without the one or the other getting scaled/mangled?? I can't seem to see an option that accomplishes this. Can you please advise. Thank you.

  • rocksteddy

    2014-05-22 10:33:02
    Purchased Reply

    Bug: Apostrophes turns into backslash when used in the "flipbook name" label. Also happens in "page title" aka "table of contents".

  • Satinath

    2014-06-20 17:40:03
    Purchased Reply

    Hello I purchase this plugins from you and its work great just wanted to know if there is any way to flip the book pages automatic continuously and remove the bottom bar and icons on it please let me know Thanks

  • numanzahid

    2014-08-03 00:28:26
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there... i liked this plugin... :) i just installed the plugin to my website... it is not working... when i open the page where short code is pasted... it starts downloading PDF instead of showing flipbook... here is the link to page... http://adbeislami.com/ur/books/ plugin was working good and correctly on localhost...

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2014-08-04 21:36:08
    Purchased Reply

    As I see it is working correctly now...

  • numanzahid

    2014-08-05 16:39:11
    Purchased Reply

    it is IDM which is effecting flipbook... is there any way to stop IDM to effect this page?

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2014-08-06 00:04:51
    Purchased Reply

    I don't konw about that. Do you have problems with other webgl / javascript apps? This app is no different than any other javascript slider/gallery. You can try to disable webgl in plugin options.

  • hstorey

    2014-08-04 19:50:28
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Zlac, Enjoying learning the plugin. One issue I've found is with reproduction of certain pages from a pdf file. White background is showing as grey and etc. Please see these screen shots below of issue. Look forward to your ideas on troubleshooting. Many thanks. - Screen shot original pdf: http://wearecreativelight.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/original-pdf-display.jpg - Screen shot in 3D FlipBook (please note 'Art of War' title page issue): http://wearecreativelight.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/pdf-reproduction-issue.jpg

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2014-08-04 21:31:54
    Purchased Reply

    Hi You can convert pdf to images, for example with http://pdf2jpg.net/ Pdf mode has some issues that I am working on right now. Can you send me the pdf file so I can test? You can email me on my profile page. Cheers

  • hstorey

    2014-08-04 22:08:54
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks Zlac, converter looks to be working well cheers. Will email you the pdf. Thanks, great support.

  • produwordpress

    2014-06-24 01:16:24
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, can i import PDF file to keep vector file, not picture (pixel) ?

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2014-06-24 08:35:16
    Purchased Reply

    No, the pdf file needs to be converted to images, WebGl cannot display html content, only images

  • dminks

    2014-07-11 09:13:33
    Purchased Reply

    The flip book is working great except for mobile. It suddenly gets super small and it's impossible to see the page information. Typically these type plugins go to a special mode where you see one page at a time when the screen size gets mobile size. Is the plugin working properly or is there something that's been overlooked on my part setting it up for mobile?

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2014-07-11 19:28:11
    Purchased Reply

    Hi There is no sprecial view for mobile, the flipbook resizes to the screen size. I plan to create a mobile view with showing one page at a time, but that will take some time to implement Cheers

  • NBA1325

    2014-06-21 14:16:07
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, the PDF feature of the plugin does not function correctly in Safari, it only loads the 1st page. It works in all other browsers I have tested however. I am using Safari 7.0.3

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2014-06-25 07:43:19
    Purchased Reply

    I am working on windows so I have safari 5.1.7 Do you have any errors in console?

  • NBA1325

    2014-06-25 07:47:11
    Purchased Reply

    Yes: [Error] TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'jQuery(s.main).turnPageComplete()') (anonymous function) (flipbook.min.js, line 1) [Log] Warning: Setting up fake worker. (pdf.min.js, line 1) [Log] 0.003091120604537945 (flipbook.min.js, line 1) [Log] 0.003720250218055542 (flipbook.min.js, line 1)

  • NBA1325

    2014-06-25 07:50:19
    Purchased Reply

    The same problem also occurs on the iPhone.

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2014-06-26 02:34:20
    Purchased Reply

    fixing it right now, I will send an update soon

  • NBA1325

    2014-06-26 15:01:47
    Purchased Reply

    It now works with the new update. Thanks!

  • RemmertMalan

    2014-04-01 20:46:58
    Purchased Reply

    Hi - Great Plugin! Just a quick question. I want to link the lightbox mode strait to my menu button. So say you are on my homepage and you press catalog on the menu, the light box with the 3D Flipbook opens up strait away over the homepage. Let me know if this is possible?

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2014-04-02 08:17:53
    Purchased Reply

    It will be possible In the next version, sending the update today. Cheers

  • CliffH

    2014-04-01 11:43:15
    Purchased Reply

    I just installed the jquery/wordpress plug-in for my wordress site. I followed the steps on the installation video. But when I click "add pages" nothing happens. I've tried a couple simple things--reinstalling the scripts (3.8.1) and using a different browser. Let me know what you think the issue is. Thank you in advance.

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2014-04-02 03:29:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Does the "media upload" screen opens for you? Can you open developer tools in browser and see if you have errors in the console? Cheers

  • jeradhill

    2014-06-04 04:51:41
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, we have an average pdf length of 48 pages. The file size is usually between 10-14MB. There appears to be no notification of it loading. Whether I am in normal or lightbox loading with a thumbnail, there is nothing that shows that something will load there. Is there a fix or update for this? Otherwise, thanks for adding the PDF upload option. Your plugin is the only one I have been able to find with that feature.

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2014-06-04 17:29:32
    Purchased Reply

    When in lightbox mode, the pdf starts to load when the page loads, before the thumbnail is clicked. There is a preloader that is visible in normal mode but not in lightbox mode because in lightbox mode the loading happens in the background.

  • jeradhill

    2014-06-05 01:17:12
    Purchased Reply

    I do not see the visible notification in normal mode. Is there a setting that needs to be set for it to be seen?

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2014-06-06 01:34:49
    Purchased Reply

    There is a preloader bar on top of the screen, maybe it can be more noticable, I will work on that

  • Eryxdesign

    2014-06-04 07:00:08
    Purchased Reply

    I have updated the plugin but now my flipbook isn't showing anymore on my site. What could be the problem? http://www.museumwoningenarnhem.nl/eh/vijverlaan/

  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2014-06-04 17:24:43
    Purchased Reply

    Did you update all files? Please redownload the latest vresion, uninstall the plugin and install again.

  • chandlerka

    2014-05-05 06:03:00
    Purchased Reply

    How to translate front line text-button?

  • chandlerka

    2014-05-09 16:50:29
    Purchased Reply


  • creativeinteractivemedia

    2014-05-10 07:11:00
    Purchased Reply

    All strings are in flipbook.min.js, in js folder. You can search string you need to translate and replace it with your translation