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Premium URL Shortener is a PHP URL shortener script packed with many unique features. It has been built from scratch with performance in mind. Some of the features include geotargeting, premium membership, powerful dashboard and admin panel and a series of CMS tools to help you build your dream. Furthermore, it will keep getting better with each update!

Live Demo of URL Shortener (5.6)

You can test the script using the following credentials. This is an admin and a user account. Once logged in, simply click “Admin” at the top to access the admin panel. Please note that the demo will reset each week.

Free User Account

Email/Username: [email protected] / user

Password: userpass

Admin Account

Email/Username: [email protected] / admin

Password: adminpass

Main Page Login Page

New overlay page

Sample Short URL with Frame

Sample Short URL with Splash

Sample Stat Page

Custom Splash

Custom Page

Easy Localization

Some Awesome Features


This script is now much more social-friendly. All pages have their own thumbnail, unique title, description and video embed code (Youtube only). Want to give it a try? Share this URL on Facebook and notice the thumbnail, title, description, video and the URL: http://gempixel.com/short/ZQksu

Software as a Service (SaaS)

With the extended license, the script turns into a SaaS platform and automatically manages all payments through Stripe.

New Team Feature

The new team feature allows you to invite members to your group and operate the same account as a team. This is perfect for collaboration!

Bundles & Link Rotator

The bundle feature allows you to regroup some links and will generate you a special link where you will be able to send that to people. That special link will allow them to see all links in the bundle and use them. This new feature allows a bundle to act as a rotator. The special link will rotate links randomly and will send the user to short link within the bundle.

jQuery Driven With Fallback

The URL shortener script is built using the powerful javascript library jQuery. Awesome effects have been added to provide an amazing user-experience while some advanced techniques have been used to make your website spam-free. Script automatically uses fallback when javascript is disabled.

New Splash Pages

Script now automatically creates dedicated page for media URLs such as Youtube, Vine, Dailymotion, etc (View Demo). Users can now create a custom splash page and this can be a paid feature (View Demo).

Private Service

Are you looking to use this script for your own purpose? No problem. Just enable the private option in the admin panel and only you and all the accounts you only will create will be able to access the site and use the features.

URL Bookmarking System with Bookmarklet

URLs are automatically associated to registered users and are saved on their account for future access. Users can now drag a bookmarklet tool to their bookmarks bar and instantaneously shorten the URL of the site they are viewing.

Anonymous User History (new)

Anonymous users can now keep track of their last 10 URLs without being registered. This option can easily be enabled or disabled from the admin panel.

Facebook Connect and Twitter Login

User can now instantaneously login using their Facebook or Twitter account.

Easy Translation

You can easily translate this script to any language you want by using the built-in language manager. Create a new translation, edit old ones or even deleted them with a click of a button. Everything is now automated meaning that languages will be added to the menu right away.

Geotargeting System

Users can choose to redirect visitors to a different page using their location. This option can be disabled from the admin panel.

Advanced API System

Powerful API system requires users to authenticate using a unique API key associated to them upon registration. All URLs generated by a registered user get automatically saved on their account. The API system can output in JSON, JSONP (useful when requesting using javascript) or text format.

URL Validation & reCaptcha Plugin

Extensive validation and URL filtering-system gives you the peace of mind. Several options are built-in to automatically disable “inappropriate” URLs or domain names (including tlds) from being processed by the system. The script also comes reCaptcha and SolveMedia Captcha. If enabled, the Captcha system will only be shown to anonymous users (users not registered).

Full-Featured Administration Panel

Powerful administration panel gives you total control on your website. It gives you the ability to manage URLs, users and custom pages. You can also control all of the features from the admin panel by enabling or disabling them with a click of a button. You can control Advertisement, reCaptcha, Frame, API System, User Registration, URL Filtration, Themes and Maintenance and more.

Responsive Template with built-in Template Editor

You can easily edit the layout and the theme to fit your need with the new in-script editor. Templates have been tested on all modern browsers and mobile devices.

Quick & Easy Installer

Powerful, quick and easy installer sets up your website in a minute. You don’t need to go through the hassle of dumping SQL files and editing PHP files. It provides a step by step installation of this software.

Extensive Documentation

Extensive and thorough documentation helps you understand all aspects of your website.

Free Support

As a purchaser of our products, you are entitled to premium support. If you have a question, we would be happy to answer it. Also if you need a quick hint, don’t hesitate to contact us. Please don’t forget to follow us and to rate this awesome script . For development & customization, please visit https://gempixel.com.


Mod Rewrite Enabled

Mod Security <script> Filter Disabled

Magic_Quotes OFF (Recommended)

PHP 5.3.6 or higher and PDO Module

Looking for a Premium Theme?

Change Log

For full change log with description, please visit https://gempixel.com/changelog/premium-url-shortener
Version 5.6.5 (26/11/2019)
+ Added Web Risk API
+ Added Active Security Checks
+ Fixed Thubmnail issue

Version 5.6.4 (23/10/2019)
+ Fixed Links limit bug
+ Improved Phishtank API (requires a username as well)

Version 5.6.3 (17/10/2019)
+ Added Blog module
+ Added Quora pixel
+ Added Canonical meta tag
+ Added New language strings
+ Fixed API link bug
+ Fixed API domain bug
+ Fixed Small bugs

Version 5.6.2 (08/10/2019)
+ Fixed Team Permission Bug

Version 5.6.1 (05/10/2019)
+ Fixed Edit team bug
+ Fixed Parameters bug
+ Fixed Anonymous shortening bug

Version 5.6 (03/10/2019)
+ Added Team Feature
+ Added Dark Mode (user settings)
+ Added Custom Parameters (advanced)
+ Added Restriction of Monthly Clicks (plans)
+ Added Bundles Toggle (plans)
+ Added Link Rotator (bundle)
+ Added Custom Domain API
+ Fixed many bugs
+ Optimized script
+ Much more small additions

Version 5.5 (18/03/2019)
+ Added custom schemes
+ Added option to change length of random alias
+ Added option to modify email messages
+ Added unique clicks counter tracker (faster stats page)
+ Added option to choose domain when editing links
+ Fixed pixels issue
+ Fixed delete bundle issue
+ Fixed display advanced feature

Version 5.4.3 (22/02/2019)
+ Added edit pixels
+ Added forced upgrade for free users
+ Fixed custom domain url in user and admin panel

Version 5.4.2 (05/02/2019)
+ Fixed not found issue
+ Fixed pixels issue

Version 5.4.1 (31/01/2019)
+ Fixed 404 issue

Version 5.4 (28/01/2019)
+ Autoupdater
+ Theme API
+ Fixed custom domain issue
+ Fixed custom alias issue
+ Fixed newsletter issue
+ Fixed minor bugs

Version 5.3.1 (10/1/2019)
+ Fixed Bugs

Version 5.3 (01/01/2019)
+ Added Custom Plans
+ Added Multiple Domain Names
+ Added Multiple Overlays
+ Added Advertisement Module (in-script ads)
+ Added Newsletter Module
+ Added Script Tools
+ Added Easier Translation
+ Added Smart URL Check
+ Updated Twitter Auth
+ Optimized Speed
+ Fixed Bugs

Version 5.2 (03/10/2018)
+ Added Many New API Endpoints
+ Improved Speed
+ Fixed Bugs

Version 5.1.1 (08/07/2018)
+ Fixed custom domain name bug

Version 5.1 (22/06/2018)
+ Added Branded Domain Name
+ Added Multiple Pixels
+ Added Twitter Pixels
+ Added AdRoll Pixels
+ Added Favicon Upload
+ Added Allow Account Delete
+ Added Membership page
+ Added GDPR Compliance
+ Improved Performance
+ Fixed Bugs

Version 5.0.2 (14/05/2018)
+ Fixed: Edit devices bug
+ Fixed: Profile page bug
+ Fixed: Shortening bug
+ Fixed: Minor bugs

Version 5.0.1 (26/04/2018)
+ Added: Original OG Tags for Linkedin and Twitter
+ Fixed: Bookmarklet Issue
+ Fixed:  Overlay JS bug
+ Fixed:  Edit meta title and description bug
+ Fixed: Some CSS bugs

Version 5.0 (15/03/2018)
+ Subscription module with Stripe
+ Automated payment management
+ New premium theme with many new features
+ Targeting Pixels
+ Link expiration
+ Homepage settings (stats, directory, history)
+ Full-Page script
+ Quick Shortening
+ New Tools page with instructions for user
+ Adblock detection
+ Default user type
+ Limit number for URLs for free users
+ Pricing page
+ Premium users more customization of URLs
+ Cookie Law Popup
+ Private mode redirection to another site
+ API Changes
+ much more

=== Improvements ===
+ Shortening speed 
+ Performance improvements
+ Google Safe upgrade
+ Phishtank upgrade
+ GeoIP upgrade
+ Template fixes
+ much more
  • extensionforge

    2013-03-28 19:53:34
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, some questions: • possibility of make bookmarklets for easier link shortening?
    • Do you plan to make your own wordpress admin/page/post widget?
    • Manage users: I the hidden thing a login to a selected user where changes can be made?
    • Advanced Tracking: Piwik Code possible too?
    • Advertisement: openX Coded possible too? Sorry when some questions allready answered, but I cant find those anwers in your knowledge base. Thanks,

  • KBRmedia

    2013-03-29 01:23:34
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, 1) I am working on a much easier bookmarklet that will show the short url right away, without redirection. 2) Yes, I haven't started yet but I plan to release a free wp plugin that will integrate this script to wp. 3) Sorry, I don't understand the question 4) Yes it is possible and it is relatively easy. I will try to write a tutorial on how to integrate Piwik. But if you know, go for it and I would be happy to help you. 5) Yes, you just need to put the script provided by openX into the ad box in the admin panel. Let me if you have any questions.

  • extensionforge

    2013-03-29 05:22:12
    Purchased Reply

    sorry something crazy is happening. After your comment I saw that I already bought your tool ... o_O Ok I'm running yourls right now and remember that I bourght your shortener because of the user registration. I got it on my todo for the next week to test it out. Is there a german language file or do you need a translation for it? Cheers and some big easter eggs this weekend : ) Dennis

  • KBRmedia

    2013-03-29 05:54:37
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, You can easily translate most of the text by editing a single file. There is a translation-ready file in includes/lang/. Simply open that and translate each of the sentences or words. P.S. I will upload a new version to CC today.

  • jucipuci

    2013-03-30 23:45:15
    Purchased Reply

    How can I block domain name? e.g: tiny.cc. bit.ly, dit.nu, ...

  • KBRmedia

    2013-03-31 03:40:46
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, You can follow the instructions here: http://kbrmedia.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/61850-how-do-i-blacklist-more-keywords-and-domain-names Let me know if it works for you.

  • jucipuci

    2013-03-31 21:14:57
    Purchased Reply

    Doesn't work for domain names :(

  • KBRmedia

    2013-04-01 01:28:55
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, It works for me. So you need to add your domain name in the array e.g. 'bit.ly' AND change $this->adult($domain) to $this->adult($url) on line 22. Let me know if it works.

  • jucipuci

    2013-04-02 07:58:29
    Purchased Reply

    Ooo. It works. Thx and sorry for my stupidity! :)

  • KBRmedia

    2013-04-02 08:30:05
    Purchased Reply

    Don't worry about it. Let me know if you need anything else ;)

  • 2ze

    2013-02-19 12:47:06
    Purchased Reply

    hi id email to you... kindly check it.. thanks

  • KBRmedia

    2013-02-19 13:01:33
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Sorry your email went to my spam folder, but I just replied you.

  • 2ze

    2013-02-21 17:46:03
    Purchased Reply

    great response... owh how to enter setting back if the site been Site is offline for maintenance

  • KBRmedia

    2013-02-21 23:33:00
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, So you just have to login as admin by directly typing the url to the login page that is http://YOURSITE/user/login. Then login using your admin credential and go to your admin panel and change the settings.

  • jsonline2004

    2013-03-06 03:02:45
    Purchased Reply

    very nice work. I will be buying this.

  • KBRmedia

    2013-03-06 04:06:14
    Purchased Reply

    Hey, Thanks. The new version, 1.6, is currently waiting approval (~70%).

  • LTCB12

    2013-02-28 01:58:16
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Can you please replay on my PM. I am waiting for the response and after that I can maybe get the Extended license. Regards

  • KBRmedia

    2013-02-28 02:37:47
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Sorry your email was marked as spam. Envato really need to fix this issue.

  • FrancisLightHouse

    2012-12-31 06:20:35
    Purchased Reply

    Demo does not work.

  • KBRmedia

    2012-12-31 06:44:14
    Purchased Reply

    Yeah, sorry it was down for an hour but now it should be OK.

  • prene

    2014-02-23 09:57:18
    Purchased Reply

    First of all i have to say you are one of the hard-working authors. I have bought your script in the early starting and you have add so many futures. Now it is one of the best scripts i know. Thank you very much! And second i have a future suggestion. It will be nice if the user can set a expiere time/date for a url.

  • KBRmedia

    2014-02-23 12:21:37
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely add this feature in the next updates. Josh

  • mrfletch

    2014-02-27 06:10:13
    Purchased Reply

    I'm currently shortening my links using an installable script called YOURLS. I've got several thousand links currently in the database. I can export them out as a CSV or XML file. I'm looking to switch to a new system that has greater tagging/sorting ability. Is there any way that I can import our current URLs long/short into this system without breaking the links that we currently have setup? Thanks so much, Paul

  • KBRmedia

    2014-02-27 13:16:31
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Paul, Yes, it is possible however you will need to make some small changes. If you want you can send me via email your CSV file or your mySQL dump and I can reformat it for you. You will then just need to import it via phpmyadmin and that is it. Josh

  • onrage

    2014-03-05 10:12:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I found a bug. I noticed it when I ask a friend from chicago to check a link for me. Everything is working properly, but the thing is I added a GeoTarget on a certain link and when a person click on a geotargetted link, a white page will appear and WILL ONLY redirect if they refresh the page. How can I fix this?

  • KBRmedia

    2014-03-05 11:40:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hi It seems to be due to memory cache that is used by GeoIP. A quick fix is to open includes/Short.class.php and go to around line 717 to find:

    Replace that by
    This should fix it. If it doesn't please let me know.

  • onrage

    2014-03-05 12:22:56
    Purchased Reply

    I think it is fixed. Thank you very much. :) Anyway, I would like to suggest. if a registered user shorten a link and use geotarget, I think it would be great if he can copy the previous get target setup he made on his previous links. Here: 1. He can save a GeoTarget settings. 2. Apply the "Saved GeoTarget Setting" to new links he wants.

  • KBRmedia

    2014-03-06 03:22:35
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I will think about this and see if it is possible. Josh

  • talkinghead

    2013-09-02 15:10:02
    Purchased Reply

    hello im interested on buying this source code, as people use smartphone every time for everything, does this URL shortener support optimisation for iPhone Safari browser, opera mini browser on smartphone android chrome too? thanks

  • talkinghead

    2013-09-02 15:20:30
    Purchased Reply

    sorry if this is a dumb question.

  • KBRmedia

    2013-09-03 02:48:50
    Purchased Reply

    Hey, This script is already using a responsive layout (not for all pages though) and you can easily change the styles in any way you want. However, if you intend to target only smartphone users then you will need to do some modifications in the themes files in order to remove some unnecessary stuff as currently they are just hidden but they still take up memory. Removing some of those components will certainly speed up the execution. Let me know if you need anything else. Josh

  • abuntlychris

    2013-09-28 08:10:12
    Purchased Reply

    When I try to go to the Short URL, it does not redirect at all. Just an empty white page.

  • KBRmedia

    2013-09-28 08:43:50
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, That is a small bug that happens when you select "Google Analytics". Please send me an email so I can send you the corrected file. Laura

  • abuntlychris

    2013-09-28 08:46:56
    Purchased Reply

    I submitted a ticket through your website. This is something that will be fixed in a future update too right? Thank you

  • KBRmedia

    2013-09-28 10:00:57
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, It has already been fixed but the author is away right now. He will update it as soon as he gets back (Sunday). Laura

  • BarryCooper27

    2013-08-30 03:49:49
    Purchased Reply

    All issue solved !!!! .... he is a great young talented guy !!! how i wish he is my brother !!! ... but he is a gr8t guy !!!! amazing product you will never see else where

  • adamdanyal

    2013-10-14 15:02:53
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I simply did a fresh re-install of the script on the same server and now the thumbnail images are not showing. I checked the server settings and allow_url_fopen is enabled. Do I need to change permissions for a directory? Thank you.

  • KBRmedia

    2013-10-15 00:22:26
    Purchased Reply

    Hey No, that is due to mshots blocking server-side requests. You will have to switch to pagepeeker. To do so, open includes/Short.class.php then find protected $thumb_provider="mshots". Simply replace mshots by pagepeeker. This should fix the issue.

  • kirox4n

    2013-09-21 02:51:02
    Purchased Reply

    is there other themes for this url shortener service ?

  • KBRmedia

    2013-09-21 09:04:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Currently I don't think so. Josh, the developer, hired a designer to develop 3 themes for this script a couple of weeks ago and he didn't deliver them and he doesn't respond to emails anymore. However I think Josh already started designing 1 or 2 themes. I am not sure if he has finished them yet or not. He will back from a trip next week. Regards, Laura

  • madhushankarox

    2013-10-04 10:49:46
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, After changing my hosting account.. Thumbnails are not loading anymore (Wordpress screenshots) it says The image “http://mydomain(dot)comGGDOV/i” cannot be displayed because it contains errors.

  • KBRmedia

    2013-10-05 07:29:39
    Purchased Reply

    Hey That is probably because your new server has disabled allow_url_fopen. If you can't enabled it there is an easy fix for this. Just send email and I will send you the instructions. Josh

  • alfred0cs

    2013-10-24 15:39:29
    Purchased Reply

    How I can configure the integration of twitter, I entered the key and secret, but I always get the error: "An error has occured! Please make sure that you have set up this application as instructed.."

  • KBRmedia

    2013-10-25 01:08:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hey That usually happens when twitter refuses auth request. Please make sure that you have configured your app on twiter properly. The instructions for this is posted in the documentation. If you want you can send a screenshot of your twitter app config to my email or open a ticket.

  • dgateles

    2014-04-09 09:09:30
    Purchased Reply

    Dont update, stopping at http://xxx.xx/updater.php?step=2 blank page

  • KBRmedia

    2014-04-09 09:14:03
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Please make sure that the file config.php is there and is filled properly. If it isn't, rename config_sample.php and fill it.

  • dgateles

    2014-04-09 09:22:33
    Purchased Reply

    return: "object(PDOStatement)#5 (1) { ["queryString"]=> string(447) "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `payment` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `tid` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `userid` bigint(20) NOT NULL, `status` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `amount` decimal(10,2) NOT NULL, `date` timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, `expiry` datetime NOT NULL, `data` text NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 AUTO_INCREMENT=1 ;" } object(PDOStatement)#5 (1) { ["queryString"]=> string(306) "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `splash` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `userid` bigint(12) NOT NULL, `name` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `data` text NOT NULL, `date` datetime NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 AUTO_INCREMENT=1 ;" } object(PDOStatement)#5 (1) { ["queryString"]=> string(89) "UPDATE `settings` SET `config` = 'pro_yearly' WHERE `config` = 'custom_splash_amount';" } object(PDOStatement)#5 (1) { ["queryString"]=> string(85) "UPDATE `settings` SET `config` = 'pro_monthly' WHERE `config` = 'removal_amount';" } bool(false) bool(false) bool(false) bool(false) bool(false) bool(false) bool(false) bool(false) bool(false)"

  • KBRmedia

    2014-04-09 09:27:03
    Purchased Reply

    This is in debug mode and I forgot to turn this off. Please send me an email and I will send you the correct file. Also according to this, the update has already been done. Please check your site.

  • dgateles

    2014-04-10 00:44:29
    Purchased Reply

    I did a fresh install and then imported the old database to make it work. The method by updater did not work.

  • KBRmedia

    2014-04-10 01:14:01
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Can you please open a ticket with ftp info? Josh

  • TheZoker

    2014-04-09 16:49:24
    Purchased Reply

    Is there any change log avaliable? Because on Codecanyon frontpage there is not hint about new version ;)

  • KBRmedia

    2014-04-09 22:18:41
    Purchased Reply

    Hi The demo and item page will be updated today.

  • Story-Heart

    2014-04-13 17:54:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hey , i have install the last version of the script .. and i try to show the Advertisement i only show .. Advertisement (728x90) and tow ads not showing Advertisement (468x60) Advertisement (300x250) Could u tell me what's wrong

  • KBRmedia

    2014-04-14 01:04:26
    Purchased Reply

    Hi The 468x60 is only shown on the splash page and frame page and the 300x250 is shown mostly in the sidebars outside the dashboard. If you want to insert these ads by yourself you can use the following code (The first parameter is the size and it can be 728, 468 or 300): ads(468) ?>

  • smartins

    2014-04-18 00:23:35
    Purchased Reply

    Any idea if this script works on Windows Server 2012 IIS/PHP/MySQL/URL Rewrite? Thanks!

  • KBRmedia

    2014-04-18 02:14:30
    Purchased Reply

    Hi A couple of people used this on IIS and it worked without any problem. The only issue you might have is with URL rewriting however you can use some tools to convert Apache rules to IIS rules. Josh