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Lovely Slideshow is a high quality, well organized template. Stylishly designed and creatively animated with colorful overlays, dynamic text animations and ink flow transitioning effects. This project has modular structure, so you can easily change duration. Just drop your image or video, edit the text, add audio and enjoy result!

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  • After Effects
  • Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut
  • Easy To Use:

  • Compatible with DaVinci Resolve 16
  • Drag & drop your photos or videos, enter text and you’re done.
  • Well organized template – user-friendly interface.
  • Media placeholder: 16 (you can add an infinite number of holders).
  • Text placeholders: 15 (you can add an infinite number of holders).
  • Materials:

  • Photos and videos are not included.
  • Music is not included. I’ve used in the preview: Cinematic Trailer
  • The font is free: Lato
    • XomsFilm

      2021-01-16 02:37:31
      Purchased Reply

      Good work :)

    • JoseSpena

      2021-01-08 06:53:23
      Purchased Reply

      Each scene do not blend into the other. I cut to black and start the new one. I am working around to see where I have to put the transparency.

    • JoseSpena

      2021-01-08 07:05:18
      Purchased Reply

      "Ok, you have to pull out from each "Scene #" TL each "Scene #" clip with the fusion comp inside and put it on your "Final" TL to preserve the transparency behavior. Kind of silly DR do not keep this attribute one step up.

    • Harchenko

      2021-01-08 16:18:21
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, thanks for your purchase. Have you been able to sort out this issue? If you are using DR Studio, this can also cause errors.

    • JoseSpena

      2021-01-09 01:44:20
      Purchased Reply

      I am using free version. But I know DR do not bring transparency atributes to a timeline when you use it as a elemento on another composition / Timeline. So knowing that I could workaround and extrad the "Scene" fusion clip from it. Actually I am working with pMedia assets to have full control over the fusion comp. So cheers I already could work on it :)