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Latest version 6.2.9 – October 31, 2019
WordPress 5.3 ready

The Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugin

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress adds to your site unique WordPress social share buttons, awesome looking social followers counter, easy to use subscribe to mail list forms and social live chat functionality. All that in the recognized as the most powerful and feature packed social sharing plugin by WordPress experts. Revolutionary WordPress social sharing plugin trusted by 500,000+ sites.

This extensive social sharing plugin for WordPress offers maximum flexibility and social media exposure by allowing you to share on more than 50 of the major social networks, including a wide range of mobile messengers. Not only that, but Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress also boasts the best and most complete package of 55+ beautiful templates for social sharing and personal template builder, and the most comprehensive set of 30+ automatic design positions, 30+ attention grabbing and eye catching animations. This social sharing plugin for WordPress is unique in covering every possible location for displaying your social share buttons.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is real trendsetter in social media for WordPress for an upcoming 4 years, trusted by all type of WordPress sites including leading technology brands. With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress you get everything you need to boost your social shares, increase your social followers or grow your mailing list in just a single WordPress plugin. Will your WordPress site be next to grow social shares, followers or subscribers?

Easy Social Share Buttons – current version 6.2.9 (available for download)

Your all-in-one Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress supports:

Social Sharing

  • The only social sharing plugin you will ever need, Easy Social Share Buttons is Integrated with over 40 of the most popular social networks, including - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon, VKontakte, Tumblr, Reddit, Delicious, Buffer, Weibo, Xing, Pocket, Flattr, Odnokkassniki.ru, ManageWP.org,WhatsApp, Meneame, Love You button, Print, E-mail, Blogger, Amazon, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL, Newsvine, HackerNews, Evernote, Mail.ru, MySpace, Viadeo, Line, Flipboard, Comments, Yummly, SMS, Viber, Telegram, Skype, Facebook Messenger, LiveJournal, Kakao Story, Yammer, Hatena, Renren, Douban, Naver, QQ
  • Also includes Love This, More button, Share button, Comments and Print/E-mail buttons.
  • Powerful Subscribe to mail list button with direct integration with Mailchimp, GetReposne, myMail, MailPoet, MailerLite, CampaignMonitor, ActiveCampaign, SendinBlue, Jetpack Subscriptions or custom form (from shortcode or service)
  • Functional Buttons Set – Previous Post, Next Post, Copy Post Link, Bookmark Post, QR Code for post link

Native Social Like, Follow and Subscribe buttons

  • Our complete package of social share buttons for WordPress includes 12 native social buttons that will be instantly familiar to your users and will help improve your profile and reach across social networks – Facebook Like, Facebook Follow, Google +1, Google Follow, VK.com Like, Twitter Follow and Tweet, YouTube Subscribe, Pinterest Follow and Pin, ManagedWP.org, LinkedIn Company Follow with option to apply eye catching skin or use them in privacy mode

Followers Counter

  • • Display your Followers Counter (including posts, users and comments counters) for 31 social networks, including - Facebook (Page or Profile), Twitter, Google+, YouTube (Channel or User), Vimeo (Channel or User), Dribbble, Github, Envato, SoundCloud, Behance, Delicious, Instagram, Pinterest,  VK.com, RSS Feed, MailChimp subscribers, LinkedIn Company Followers, Tumblr, Steam, Flickr, GitHub, Foursquare, Forrst, Vine, SlideShare, 500px, Posts count, Users count, Comments count, Total Site Loves , Twitch, Spotify, myMail, MailPoet. Additional supported networks without real time API counter (with manual value of without number of followers): iTunes, DeviantArt, PayPal, WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, TripAdvisor

Social Metrics

  • Our advanced social sharing plugin for WordPress is integrated with Social Metric, so that you can track and monitor your social media activity across Our advanced social sharing plugin for WordPress is integrated with Social Metric, so that you can track and monitor your social media activity across social networks you are using on your site.

Social Profiles

  • As the best social sharing plugin out there, Easy Social Share Buttons allows you to build and connect to your profile on all of the most popular social networks supported by followers counter.

Easy Optin (Subscribe Forms)

  • The all-in-one social sharing plugin can automatically increase your mailing list subscribers for MailChimp, GetResponse, myMail, MailPoet, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, CampaignMonitor, SendInBlue and Jetpack Subscriptions
Please note that share counters are not officially available for the following networks, because of missing APIs: Weibo, Tumblr, Digg, Flattr, WhatsApp, Meneame, Blogger, Amazon, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL, Newsvine, HackerNews, Evernote, Mail.ru, MySpace, Viadeo, Line, Flipboard, SMS, Viber, Telegram, Skype, Facebook Messenger, LiveJournal, Kakao Story. The Easy Social Share Buttons plugin provides an option to track them internally.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is your complete social sharing solution

Once you have activated the social share plugin you can get started right away! With the built-in quick setup wizard, simply follow the steps to customize your settings.

Not sure which button-styles will suit your site? Try one of our ready-made presents library with 40+ styles, which you can install with a single click. We have included a collection of popular styles, and some handpicked suggestions from our team!

  • Like the style of Mashable? Try it out!
  • Prefer CopyBlogger? Give it a go!
  • Tempted by AddThis? Go on then…
  • Like the look of Upworthy? See if it suits you.
  • What to see more? Visit our presents demo page where we include 35+ of most popular configurations loved by users.
Our leading social sharing plugin for WordPress gives you complete control over every feature and configuration, with no coding knowledge required. With complete control we really mean complete – you can personalize settings over each location, post type, module integration or just for a single post with visual and easy options (no coding knowledge required!). All that is made via intuitive admin settings control panel supporting different settings level for every type of user or need.

Compare different Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress options level and functions.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is the best social sharing plugin – whatever your needs – because it is fully integrated across all of the popular social networks, and packed with every feature you could possibly want!

Multiple Button Styles

Choose from over 50 social networks to display on your site, customize the buttons, and decide how you want to arrange them. Simply drag and drop the icons, and replace default text with your own calls to action. You can also choose the automatic order by shares display that will simply display most used buttons in the beginning of list (yes we will do it automatically and you do not need to care for it). You can also set certain buttons to be active for mobile devices only. Try our different share button styles and functions for yourself:
  • Preview the buttons for every social network
  • Preview different styles that you can use with share buttons on site

Let users show their appreciation with Love this button

A great way to allow readers show their appreciation (love) for your content. This button uses internal counter for each post or page. You can use it as standalone button or in combination with other share buttons. You can also display list of most loved posts using widget, shortcode or Visual Composer element anywhere on your site.

More button & Share button

With more or share button you can make unique visual look by changing way your social share buttons appear. Now you have option to show your most important buttons in front and also with a click expand all others that you wish to use. This can create a design that can fit in any case, width or template (for example Mashable style). The limit here is only your imagination. To be easy for you we have ready made styles with popular usage cases of those buttons that you can apply with single click on selected location (after that you can easy modify them). Buttons support up to 7 different icons (2 for more button and 7 for share button), 5 different functions: show all networks after more (Mashable style), open all active networks in popup, open all social networks as popup or inline pop up with names or icons, display of text (share button only) or total share counter (share button only) and two visual styles: classic and modern. Take a quick look what you can do with them:
  • More button demo – the ultimate Mashable style share buttons
  • Share button demo – hide share buttons and display them on click
  • Share button demo – example how you can use it with total counter
  • Share button demo – replace your more button with share button that contains total counter
  • NEW! Inline pop up with icons for more networks function
  • NEW! Inline pop up with names for more networks function
  • NEW! Modern style of more buttons pop up

Powerful subscribe Button

The best social sharing plugin for WordPress offers you unique real working subscribe to mailing list button. You can use it with 3 different modes: link to subscribe page, custom subscribe from with html code or shortcode from your favorite plugin, beautiful service integrated form using Easy Optin module with support for MailChimp, GetResponse, MyMail, MailPoet, MailerLite, Active Campaign, CampaignMonitor and Jetpack Subscriptions. The best is that you can use the subscribe button on any device and with any of Easy Social Share Buttons display positions.

Build in integrated forms has 7 beautiful designs that you can easy customize in terms of colors, images or texts with build in visual options. That is truly unique feature of social sharing plugin that you will help you build your subscribers list.

Try out the different modes of subscribe for for yourself:
  • Take a look of beautiful designs that comes with each installation of Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress
Do you like how it looks? You can also use it anywhere on your site even without share buttons with the help of shortcode or widget. Read more for this below in description.  

After share actions

After share actions are an important way of engaging active users with your site and content, increasing your social following, populating your mailing list, or running your own code. This is the most effective way to do this – users that you will reach using this method are most socially engaged on your site and you can get extremely high conversion rate.

Take a test drive of the most feature packed after share actions available to you with this complete social sharing plugin for WordPress:
  • Like/Follow buttons – encourage users to stay connected after sharing
  • Mailing List subscribe form – invite active users to subscribe after sharing
  • Popular posts – let users read more articles on your site and do not loose them
  • Custom code – run your own custom code from service, html or shortcode

On Media Social Sharing

Images are the most shared content on the web, and one of the best ways to catch people’s attention and build your social profile. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress has a built-in module for social image sharing that automatically detects images and invites users to instantly share your great content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, Digg, Delicious, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki

Try it for yourself…


Sharable Quotes (a.k.a Click-to-Tweet)

Choose from 4 different templates and create in-post Tweetable quotes, making it super easy for users to share your messages with their followers in a single click

Check it out…


Social Share Optimization

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is all about growing your social media profile, and making your content social share-friendly as part of your ongoing social media strategy. If you make the most of this feature-rich social sharing plugin you will see an increase in shares, Retweets, re-Pins, Likes, +1s…and an all-important boost in the click-through rate to your site.

Unlike many other social sharing plugins for WordPress, this advanced plugin includes optional meta tags, to improve your Google search ranking and social media sharing. The plugin automatically generates Open Graph meta tags, Twitter Card meta tags and Google meta tags, and you can customize these in your page/post options. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress also allows you to customize a pre-populated Tweet that will appear when a visitor clicks the Twitter button. Not only that, but it also automatically incorporates any SEO optimizations you have made via the popular Yoast SEO plugin, without you having to lift a finger!


Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress includes 27+ built-in, automated display button methods and 10 powerful shortcodes, so you can create a tailored social sharing experience for your visitors.


27+ Built-in Display Methods

With 27+ predefined display options, you have the freedom to decide how you want your buttons to appear on the page:
  • Above your content
  • Below your content
  • Above and below content
  • Float from the top of your content
  • Float from the top and bottom of a post
  • Vertical float
  • Native buttons at the top, share buttons at the bottom
  • Share buttons at the top, native buttons at the bottom
  • Pop up
  • Fly in Right
  • Fly in Left
  • Left Sidebar
  • Right Sidebar
  • Top bar
  • Bottom bar
  • On Media
  • Full screen hero share
  • Post Share Bar
  • Share Point
  • Share Point Advanced
  • NEW! Super post bar
  • NEW! Super float
  • NEW! Viral Point
  • NEW! WooCommerce share bar
  • NEW! Follow Me Bar
You can even use multiple display options at the same time (automatically), and combine them with shortcodes. Check out some examples of what we mean…
  • Combination 1
  • Combination 2
  • Combination 3
  • Combination 4
  • Combination 5
  • Combination 6
These were just fairly few examples of combinations. The limitation is only your imagination.  

Mobile Optimized Display Positions

It’s vital that your social sharing experience is optimized for mobile so that your users can easily share your content on the go. That’s why Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress offers some display options that have been specially designed for mobiles. Use your mobile device to try these out for yourself…
  • Buttons bar
  • Buttons bar with total counter
  • Buttons bar with total counter and texts
  • Buttons bar with text
  • Share bar
  • Share Point
  • NEW! Share bar with call to action button

Shortcodes & Powerful Shortcode Generator

Your comprehensive social sharing plugin for WordPress also includes 10 powerful shortcodes that you can use to display buttons in any position, or embed them into the theme code. (Check the plugin settings for a shortcode generator, and some examples of integrating codes into your theme.)
  • [ easy-social-share ] – generate share buttons
  • [ easy-social-share-popup ] – generate social share buttons as pop up
  • [ easy-social-share-flyin ] – generate social share button as fly in
  • [ easy-social-like ] – display native buttons
  • [ easy-total-shares ] – display total share counter for post or page
  • [ easy-profiles ] – display social profile links
  • [ easy-followers ] – display social followers
  • [ easy-total-followers ] – display total number of followers
  • [ easy-popular-posts ] – display list of popular posts by shares, loves or views
  • [ easy-subscribe ] – display subscribe forms from Easy Optin Module (including two step optin forms)
For convenience and flexibility, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress can also be used with shortcode call. This makes it easier than ever to include the buttons you need, wherever you want them on your theme or page. You can combine this with other display methods for an even better, and more unique, user experience. For example, you could display a pop-up after a few seconds of page load, combined with default share buttons display.  

Pop-Up & Fly-In Automatic Display Triggers

With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress you can create a unique experience for every user, based on their interactions on your page. This will help you to capture or keep their attention at the most crucial moment.
  • Timed Delay – Set a timed delay for your pop-ups and fly-ins so that they display after your readers have been on a page for a specific duration of time. Try it now
  • Bottom of Post – Auto detect when your readers reach the bottom of a post or page and give them a friendly reminder to share. See it live
  • After Commenting – After a visitor leaves a comment on a post or page, you can interact with this highly engaged user through a social pop-up or fly-in.
  • Upon % Scroll – Display a social pop-up or fly-in to your visitors after they have scrolled a certain percentage down the page. Try it now
  • After WooCommerce Purchase - Display a sharing pop-up or fly-in to your customers after they checkout so they can share your online storefront with friends and family.
  • Exit intent – Display a friendly share reminder to users when they try to exit a page. See how it looks.

Unique Display Method API

The first social sharing plugin with seamless integrated display method API. Now it is really easy for developers to create custom display methods integrated into plugin via external add-on or directly in theme code.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress includes a wide selection of templates, button and counter styles, and animations so that you can fully customize the sharing experience for your users.

55 Ready-to-Use Templates

The most complete set of templates that you can ever find in social sharing plugin. Now you can easy find the best that fits for your site – be truly unique. Ready to take a look?
  • Open Template Browser
You can set different templates for active buttons on different posts or pages, or even for each instance of a button on one page. You may need to fine tune the template to fit perfectly into your theme, so we have included an Easy Template Customizer to make this process quick and straightforward:
  • Fast customizations with one color over all social share buttons
  • Customize size of social share buttons
  • Indiviual customization of each share button
  • Different templates on one page
This feature-packed social sharing plugin for WordPress also comes with 30 ready-to-use animations – try them for yourself:
  • Eye catching smooth animations that can drive more shares

Unique Template API

Unique template API for developers and designers to build own templates that will be integrated into plugin at all places. Extend your theme and include unique template for all your customers and make your share buttons even more attractive. The best is it will work with all styles, width concepts, animations and counters.  

6 Button Styles, 4 Width Concepts, 12 Counter Styles, 8 Total Counter styles

Your ultimate social share buttons plugin offers 6 styles of button display, so that you can tailor them to your theme:
  • social share button with icon and network name (text) – show me
  • social share button with icon and network name (text) appear when button is pointed (hover) – show me
  • social share button with icon only – show me
  • social share button with name (text) only – show me
  • social share buttons displayed vertical – show me
  • social share buttons without space – show me
Different width concept layout to fit at any need. You can choose between:
  • automatic width of share buttons – each button will take required to display width - show me
  • fixed width share buttons – each button has exact width provided in settings - show me
  • full width share buttons – each button will take required to display at full width of site content area (calculated dynamically based on buttons and setup) – show me
  • display in columns – show me
Choose from 12 counter styles and 8 total counter styles, to display your up to date, active following. Counter styles:
  • hidden
  • left
  • right
  • left modern
  • right modern
  • top
  • top mini
  • bottom
  • inside
  • inside with network name
  • inside before network name
  • inside on hover
  • top inside
Total counter styles:
  • left
  • left big numbers with custom text
  • right
  • right big numbers with custom text
  • before social share buttons
  • after social share buttons
  • left big numbers with custom text and icon (5 different icons available)
  • right big numbers with custom text and icon (5 different icons available)
Test out the different counter styles and total counter styles using our most popular theme

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is fully compatible with all latest changes that Facebook API made and you will see your share counter on site. As a backup we also give you the option to display them with access token.


Real time or background updated share counters

This is the only social share plugin for WordPress that offers you two different modes of counter update:
  1. Real time share counters that are always up to date.
  2. Background updated (cached) counters, which update after a set period of time.

Share Counter Recovery

Take your shares with you! If you change your URL structure or move to a new domain, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress offers you a wide range of options to recover your shares.  

Avoid Social Negative Proof

The ability to control when share counts are displayed means that you can avoid negative social proof and leverage positive social proof when the opportunity presents itself. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress allows you to choose when you want the total or button counter to appear (after a specified shared value is reached), to maximize the positive impact of your share counter.  

12 Native social like buttons

This complete bundle of social share buttons for WordPress includes 12 native social buttons that will help you improve your SEO and popularity over social networks: Facebook Like, Facebook Follow, Google +1, Google Follow, VK.com Like, Twitter Follow and Tweet, YouTube Subscribe, Pinterest Follow and Pin, ManagedWP.org, LinkedIn Company Follow There is also an added option to tailor your buttons and hide them behind a skin.
  • See demo of native buttons
  • See demo of skinned native like and subscribe buttons

Social Privacy

We understand and respect the importance of social privacy. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress comes with the option to activate social privacy for native buttons in just one click. We were the first plugin that allows to protect users privacy when you wish to use native buttons.

Try out social privacy


Monitoring the social activity of your users is an essential part of any social media strategy, and is crucial to growing your profile across social networks. As the best social sharing plugin and the most comprehensive package on the market, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress gives you all you need to monitor, analyze and optimize your social media interactions.


Google Analytics Integration

Fully integrated with Google Analytics, this social sharing plugin makes analytics simple. Easily view the clicked social buttons in your Events data, and even create custom campaign tracking parameters to measure the success of a particular approach.  

Build in analytics that works

Wondering which content attracts the most visitors, and gets the most shares? Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress includes a click log and analytics function that is easy to run and interpret. Group the information by social network, by post/page, by button position or by device type, and generate detailed reports. And all that data is provided into user friendly visual way.

Read more for build in analytics


Social A/B split tests

Stop wondering what is the best configuration of share buttons for your site. We are happy to announce the first and only of kind social A/B split test that will give all information that you need without being social media expert. It’s easy as 1-2-3 – setup up to 3 configurations that you wish and get real time information which converts best on your site. Combining data from all configuration you will find the best display position and most loved social networks. Yes it was very easy to optimize your social sharing display

Learn more for social A/B split tests


Social Metrics

Social Metrics tracks Likes, Pins, +1s…and more!...right from your WordPress dashboard. It’s never been easier to identify effective social media activity and to use these metrics to inform your overall strategy. With our ultimate social sharing plugin for WordPress, you won’t need any additional modules.

Social Metrics even presents you with on post/page information about your most active social networks, most popular social content, and top commented content.


Followers Counter

The integrated followers counter supports 31 of the most popular and active social networks. You can choose from 16 ready-made templates and 8 animations to customize how the count is displayed on your page. The blocks can be displayed in up to 6 columns, or in row mode, using a widget, built-in shortcode or as followers sidebar with 2 different concepts. Check out our demos to decide which layout and styles you prefer:
  • 16 templates integrated
  • Different column layouts
  • Multiple styles & animations
  • Followers sidebar
  • Followers sidebar variant #2
Try out followers counter  

Social Profiles

You can optimize your social media engagement by making it as easy as possible for your users to view your social network profiles and become a follower. That’s why your complete social sharing plugin includes a social profiles module, allowing you to add links to all of your profiles using automated display functions, widgets or shortcodes. The social profiles module supports 30 of the most popular networks and offers a variety of button styles, colors and sizes.

See what the social profiles module is all about…


Build inside plugin Subscribe Forms function

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress has build in Easy Opt-in module which is truly replacement of subscribe forms plugin. With Easy Opt-in you can display beautiful subscribe forms anywhere on your site or after specific event. The best is all that works fast and smooth.

Easy Optin has support for MailChimp, GetResponse, myMail, MailPoet, MailerLight, CampaignMonitor, ActiveCampaign, SendInBlue and Jetpack Subscriptions. If you use additional service do not worry for this – we have friendly developer API that will help you to integrate your own code for service.

All that 8 beautiful forms that you can add anywhere you wish using shortcode, widget, Visual Composer element, automatically below post content or trigger at specific event like scroll, timer or exit intent – it has everything that you need to grow your subscribers with style.

Take a look how your subscribe forms can look.

Try Optin Booster that will help you display forms on specific event like scroll, timer or exit intent

Try Optin Flyout that will display a nice fly-out subscribe forms based on events like scroll and timer.

The best is that you can also easy add two step opt-in forms using build in shortcode for this.


Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is unparalleled in terms of integration and functionality, so it’s the only social sharing plugin you will ever need!

Visual Composer integration (10 Content Elements available)

Fully integrated with Visual Composer, Easy Social Share Buttons offers 10 content elements that can be dragged and dropped into your chosen position on each post/page: Social share buttons, pop-up social share buttons, fly-in social share buttons, native Like, Follow & Subscribe buttons, total social shares, social profiles, followers counter, total followers count, popular posts, mail list subscribe forms.


We know how important social sharing is for your online business, so we have made sure that Easy Social Share Buttons has extended integration with the most popular eCommerce plugins for WordPress: WooCommerce, JigoShow, WP e-Commerce, iThemes Exchange.

Social plugins

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress allows you to display buttons in both bbPress and BuddyPress. For bbPress, you can choose to display buttons inside forums and posts – see how it looks. The supported locations for BuddyPress are the User Activity and Group pages.

Affiliate plugins

We understand that you need to be able to track your affiliates, so your social sharing plugin includes integration with the most popular affiliate plugins: myCred, AffiliateWP and Affiliates.

Works with all post types

Your best social sharing plugin for WordPress works with all post types that you have – build in or custom. You can also automatically display buttons into excerpts of your list of posts pages (blog home, category or taxonomy listings, search results).  

Lightning Fast

Even with such extensive integration, and so many advanced features, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is made with performance in mind. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress uses most advanced code on demand loading techniques that will easy only required plugin code. The Easy Social Share plugin for WordPress also includes cache module, dynamic resource compilation, async and defer JavaScript techniques.

All these optimizations make Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress suitable for any site no matter it is small blog or high traffic site.


WPML & Polylang compatible

The best social sharing plugin for a multilangual site. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress support translation of in plugin specific texts on different languages using friendly screen in settings with support for WPML & Polylang. Truly unique feature that will help your share buttons speak on any language of your multilangual site.  

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress gives you even more

  • Mobile compatible We know how important is mobile experience for you and this is why Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is mobile compatible. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress also comes with dedicated mobile devices options for better mobile experience. And we also support Google AMP via official plugin for WordPress.
  • Custom setting for each page/post, post type and display location Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress gives you the option to set custom settings for each post/page where buttons are displayed. You can change the template, position of buttons, counter settings, hide or show network names, hide native social buttons if you have activated them, change social sharing optimization tags, and offer custom share options (simple and advanced). You can also set custom settings for different post types and button positions
  • Custom Like and Share addresses You can select custom Share addresses for share buttons, instead of the current page, and of course you can set custom Like addresses for native social buttons. You can also build in specific settings for Share and Like addresses for each post/page
  • Advanced Custom Share Options You can do even more with Advanced Custom Share Options – set a different address and message for each social network, and/or for each post/page.
  • Translate on your language Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress allows you to replace default messages with your own, from your plugin configuration settings. You are also able to add custom texts above Share and Like buttons. Plugin also has full multilangual support with WMPL and Polylang.
  • URL Shortener option (build in WordPress option, goo.gl or bit.ly or premium add-on Self Hosted Short URLS for Easy Social Share Buttons)
  • Post Views  Easy monitor and display views/reads to your posts on site. You can also use the widget or shortcode to display most popular posts to your visitors
  • Facebook Comments Easy replace your default comments with highly engaged social comments via Facebook Comments plugin
  • myCred Integration
  • All-in-One Event Calendar compatible
  • The Events Calendar / Events Calendar Pro compatible
  • Cache plugins compatible
  • Easy to use function call to integrate into your plugin or theme
  • Automated plugin updates
  • Variety of widgets for sharing, followers counter, profiles or popular posts
  • Fast and friendly support by Envato Ellite Author – we try to handle all support request during working days in 24 hours
  • Have a pre-sale question – check our support section in CodeCanyon.

Usage in ThemeForest themes

If you want to use the Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress plugin in your ThemeForest theme as well, please purchase one extended license for each theme you put on the marketplace!

Change Log

Read the full change log here
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    Hello i want to buy this plugin now but before i do i have some issues i noticed from a friend of mine i got it from without license to see if it will work for me before buying to avoid buying and requestion for refunds. Issues i had while test running . The social shares not work they just pop up and close back, only twitter shares but does pick up content. The main reason i want this plugin is the after share action which am using to avoid mycred point via a custom html code. The issue with the after share is i never got it to work on pages or post i posted the generated code. It either shows on all pages either social share are set to show by auto or not. I have tested various variation of settings so i need the author to see to this before i go ahead and purchase. Thanks

  • appscreo

    2017-10-19 00:12:35
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    Hello, You can contact our support team https://socialsharingplugin.com/contact-us/ and they will check the issue you experience. Also if you have set plugin on your site for test do not forget to include a link where support team can check the problem you have. Best Regards, AppsCreo Team Our Blog | Support System | Best Social Sharing Plugin Demo | Passion Blogger - A Multi-Concept WordPress Blog / Magazine Theme

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    Hello. What about integration in to NextGEN Gallery? I've problem to make InMedia share buttons work with it. The buttons appear in right position, on top of media file, but if i click on it the Galery is opened instead of share window. How you can wetup overflow in this case? Thanks/

  • appscreo

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    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Contact our support team http://support.creoworx.com to make a test. Some of the galleries uses highly customized lightbox functions that may not allow on media to work. Support team will check and give additional information how to proceed in here. Best Regards, AppsCreo Team


    2017-12-03 00:06:51
    Purchased Reply

    guys, I have created a video of the current problems that I have. hopefully this explains what is going on: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ctx8jafpwprsxt/essb-video.mov?dl=0 As I said in the video. I have issues with MAIL and SUBSCRIBE. I tried the ESSB on a new 4.91, blank wordpress configured from scratch with the latest Yoast and Mailster and still get the issues. I am putting it here because I dont feel we are getting anywhere on the ticket. Sorry I am running out of time. Many thanks, Neil

  • appscreo

    2017-12-03 03:08:28
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, We will review the video and reply you inside support system. In comments we are not able to help. Best Regards, AppsCreo Team

  • Gabrielur

    2017-12-09 22:08:28
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Is WP Multisite supported? Thanks

  • appscreo

    2017-12-09 23:55:44
    Purchased Reply

    Yes you can use it on multisite but if you wish to use it on more than one domain at same time you need to have license for each of them. Best Regards, AppsCreo Team

  • zhangyan3978

    2017-08-04 19:02:51
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, i updated and activate the plugin. An data error happened.Error establishing a database connection This either means that the username and password information in your wp-config.php file is incorrect or we can’t contact the database server at localhost. This could mean your host’s database server is down. Are you sure you have the correct username and password? Are you sure that you have typed the correct hostname? Are you sure that the database server is running? If you’re unsure what these terms mean you should probably contact your host. If you still need help you can always visit the WordPress Support Forums.

  • appscreo

    2017-08-04 19:46:56
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, The error message you receive says that you site cannot connect to database and cannot run. That is mostly a server related issue and it has nothing connected with plugin or operation. Please contact the support of your hosting company to assist with database issue. Also if needed an assistance from our team please contact them inside support system http://support.creoworx.com Best Regards, AppsCreo Team

  • savvytheme

    2017-09-01 01:18:35
    Purchased Reply

    No matter what template style I choose, it always picks up the default style "Metro Retina". Also my statistics are no longer showing. FYI - No update applied to my theme or any plugins.

  • appscreo

    2017-09-01 01:35:03
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, This may happen if you have position based settings made. If so the default options will not work and you will always see the position template. Please contact our support team http://support.creoworx.com and they will provide you additional detailed information. Best Regards, AppsCreo Team

  • Sparschweinxxl

    2017-09-28 15:45:31
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, i can't visit your support page It's not working :-( if i logged in and visit the backend I become in my error console this message: Mixed Content: The page at 'https://www.example.com/wp-admin/index.php' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure stylesheet 'http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1.9.2/themes/smoothness/jquery-ui.css?ver=4.8.2'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS. I installed the wordpress query monitor and found that comes from easy social share plugin. I have installed latest version 5.0.1 I have try to add this line define('ESSB_FORCE_SSL', true); to my functions.php and wp-config.php but the message is the same. can you help me to solve this? best greeetings Drew

  • appscreo

    2017-09-28 16:15:45
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Drew, We are not sure what causes a problem to access support system but it is working properly. Please use as backup our email appscreo at gmail dot com to send your questions. The problem you have appear because library you point is loaded in not secure method. To load all resources inside plugin we use the core WordPress functions which are tight connected to setup of WordPress and its paths. Once migrated to https you need to check also WordPress setup and make additional changes to ensure everything will load properly (unless you are using a plugin for this). Once you contact our support they will check and guide you how to proceed. Best Regards, AppsCreo Team

  • Pikaaa

    2017-12-30 05:52:30
    Purchased Reply

    hi there, i have a problem with my licance for this plugin. Its not vallid anymore, i used it on a old website that no longer is active. I want to use it on my new website but no luck mate.... can we do something about this?

  • appscreo

    2017-12-30 07:18:53
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Yes you can do this. Plugin allows to be active at on site at same time. If the old site is not active and you forget to deregister the code you can use license manager and deactivate old site manually. Once you do this you will be able to activate it on the new site. If you cannot do this by your own contact our support team at http://Support.creoworx.com and they will assist you. Also please use the support system if you have any questions related to plugin and we will be able to assist you. Best Regards, AppsCreo Team

  • myhero1

    2017-07-04 08:11:43
    Purchased Reply

    Good plugin

  • appscreo

    2017-07-04 14:13:56
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you

  • BackuPs

    2013-12-22 01:19:58
    Purchased Reply

    Hi You website demo has a typo. Display from shotcode should be Display from shoRtcode Best regards,

  • appscreo

    2013-12-22 02:28:11
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks ;) updated

  • MichaelBastia

    2014-06-07 02:26:47
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, i just bought the plugin, it's great! Here is on of my page i test now: http://www.images-reserve.com/un-parcours-une-rencontre-une-passion/ image i have set up for Twitter vCard for this specific page: http://www.images-reserve.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/moi1.jpg and this is the image which is shared on twitter for ma page: https://twitter.com/Michael_Bastia/status/474947821049618432 I set it up but i experience 2 problems with it: 1- Twitter vCard image+resume : when i test it and share a page with the Twitter button it doesn't show the right photo that i have set up for it! How can it can be fix? 2- Float at the Top feature: i verified many time and set it correctly with float-to-top fonction, this feature is mostly why i have bought this plugin but i don't know why it doesn't work with me!!!? The entire sharing buttons bar slide UP with the rest of the page and do not stick at the top as it suppose to do! Do you have any idea of how to fix it? Thank, Michael.

  • appscreo

    2014-06-07 06:16:19
    Purchased Reply

    I notice that there is topic in http://support.creoworx.com so there will continue with comunication

  • MichaelBastia

    2014-06-08 00:35:13
    Purchased Reply

    Ok, thank you! so see you there!

  • appscreo

    2014-06-08 22:39:31
    Purchased Reply

    Check forum post where we write you about modification that is made.

  • RapidZack

    2014-08-02 20:15:54
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, first of all thanks for your really useful plugin. Everything works fine for me except the "Easy Social Metrics", when i activate it and i click on button located in the WP Dashboard i get blank page without any error message. Do you know how to fix this issue ?! Thanks in advance for your answer. :)

  • appscreo

    2014-08-02 21:13:39
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, till now we haven't got such issue with not displaying. Are you able to provide temporary WP admin to check is ti producing some king of error. Thanks.

  • pinkgerbil

    2014-08-27 20:51:52
    Purchased Reply

    Just purchased, have a small problem. Whatever button I place first doesn't render the correct height. See below http://imgur.com/i4SjnC9 PS: Tried to join the support forum, but no email came through after registering.

  • appscreo

    2014-08-27 21:20:33
    Purchased Reply

    Can you check your spam folder - maybe the message goes there. Can you please provide live page address to check why this is so - we suppose that another CSS selector may overwrite the plugin default CSS for the first element only.

  • BearBoost

    2014-07-09 21:34:30
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I have sent you an support notification. And waiting for reply. Thanks,

  • appscreo

    2014-07-09 22:02:00
    Purchased Reply

    We send you email with instructions.

  • simoszkyriakides

    2014-07-11 07:00:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hi again, I saw that!! Please help Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/paneta/public_html/wp-content/plugins/easy-social-share-buttons/lib/admin/pages/essb-settings-general.php on line 107

  • appscreo

    2014-07-11 16:38:42
    Purchased Reply

    We respond you for both on other comment that you leave

  • PauloNa

    2014-08-16 04:30:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I use the theme with the navigation menu http://themeforest.net/item/jupiter-multipurpose-responsive-theme/full_screen_preview/5177775 , I would like to integrate share buttons float version but moves to the menu that are "sticky" also, I tested change in float from Top Settings> Set custom top of float bar but without positive results, can you give me the correct "px"? Thank you and sorry for the translation, I'm French

  • appscreo

    2014-08-16 04:32:33
    Purchased Reply

    You need to put there value without px only number. Can you please provide address to your site and we will write you what should be the value that you need to render or will prepare you a CSS code for this.

  • PauloNa

    2014-08-16 04:30:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I use the theme with the navigation menu http://themeforest.net/item/jupiter-multipurpose-responsive-theme/full_screen_preview/5177775 , I would like to integrate share buttons float version but moves to the menu that are "sticky" also, I tested change in float from Top Settings> Set custom top of float bar but without positive results, can you give me the correct "px"? Thank you and sorry for the translation, I'm French

  • appscreo

    2014-08-16 04:44:28
    Purchased Reply

    Can you provide live page address - we will write you the value you need to insert in this field or provide you custom CSS. We can use as base given template but it has different header types and we want to be sure that provided value will work when we have live site.

  • PauloNa

    2014-08-16 05:02:57
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for your reply, sorry it's for a adult project and i can't post it here, but I use exactly the same header and menu navigation as in the example I just want to place it below the menu http://prntscr.com/4d51zt

  • PauloNa

    2014-08-16 05:11:17
    Purchased Reply

    Or is it possible or placing share buttons float down the screen?

  • appscreo

    2014-08-16 05:37:37
    Purchased Reply

    You can send project to appscreo at gmail dot com. There is not exactly float down option but we can suggest you following combination that you can make. Activate as button display to be Sidebar. Then go to Display Settings -> Sidebar Settings and make following configurations: - Activate sidebar position to be bottom - Activate Render sidebar from page footer option - below in Top and Bottom sidebar you can provide background if you wish (for example #FFFFFF for pure white background or rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6) for semi transperant white background).

  • PauloNa

    2014-08-16 06:13:46
    Purchased Reply

    I have send a email with "Plugin Social" in the object, i very appreciate your help, thanks

  • appscreo

    2014-08-16 06:22:31
    Purchased Reply

    We sent you back value for float from top. Also if you wish we can configure this - just send reply with admin login details

  • jedi007

    2014-08-18 10:45:21
    Purchased Reply


  • appscreo

    2014-08-18 23:05:40
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you

  • Artusion

    2014-07-03 18:43:44
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I totally love this plugin, it rocks. I have a query. Sharing works well on my posts as its enabled from settings. But I generated a customized shortcode for some places, in shortcode only twitter share works but Facebook says "Error occured. try again later" I've used it here: http://itstav.com/music/singha/

  • appscreo

    2014-07-04 05:47:18
    Purchased Reply

    It is because Facebook Application ID is not provided. When customized share is used in current version we always provide advanced share option. We made a change for next update to use only advanced function when an application id is provided. Please contact us at appscreo (at) gmail (dot) com with link to this topic and we will send you update to apply and start using before release.

  • Daze77

    2014-08-19 17:42:40
    Purchased Reply

    Im update plugin to last version, again have problem with counter link http://alexmillerpost.com/about screen http://joxi.ru/uf_yU_3JTJCHeYLvG3M But in blog post all fine link http://alexmillerpost.com/archives/3455 screen http://joxi.ru/6P_yU4wyTJDHAqtXU3Q

  • appscreo

    2014-08-20 00:40:52
    Purchased Reply

    We made a change in CSS structure that will require change in custom CSS that we made previous. Can you contact us at appscreo at gmail dot com with temporary WP admin access and link to this topic and we will make changes that are needed.

  • Daze77

    2014-08-22 06:00:02
    Purchased Reply

    Tell me please when you can fix it. Access I send 3 days ago. Thank you

  • appscreo

    2014-08-22 14:18:36
    Purchased Reply

    We respond that we need WordPress admin access. In email was hosting details not wp admin.

  • Daze77

    2014-08-22 17:18:36
    Purchased Reply


  • appscreo

    2014-08-23 06:02:12
    Purchased Reply

    There is a slight difference in theme CSS for pages and post and we cannot still find this - which version you use before update?

  • Daze77

    2014-08-26 07:24:58
    Purchased Reply

    I dont know

  • appscreo

    2014-08-26 23:52:15
    Purchased Reply

    Can you test now please - we a change.