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Note: Digits is compatible with all the latest versions of BuddyPress, WooCommerce and every other plugin. The list on Envato (Codecanyon) is not the latest, so there is no way for us to select the latest version in item details.

What is OTP!

OTP is the abbreviation for One Time Password or One Time Passcode, it is also known as SMS Passcode, One Time SMS Passcode in different parts of the world.

But what does it do!

OTP / One Time Passcode acts as a password which is uniquely generated every time a user tries to login or signup and it is sent on his/her mobile number. It’s a pretty secure system nowadays as the passcode is generated every time and since it doesn’t require the user to remember their password it makes all of this easy at the same time and increases user conversion.

Passwordless Login for WordPress

Digits let your user signup on your website simply with their mobile number. No more checking emails. Just SMS In this fast world, no one has time to SignUp on your website using traditional email, because this is not the single step involved, user has to log into the email account – open email – click on the verification link to verify the email and then he/she gets access to the account on your website. And then comes the passwords, even if he manages to do that all the most important thing to remember to gain access to account is password. Now if he/she forgets it again the user has to go through all the pain he went while signing up. Just because of all these things now-a-days websites are loosing their customers as no one has time for all these things.

But with Digits This Changes

As mobile being the only thing human spend the most time with, we take WordPress SignUp and Login to the next level. Now user can create an account by just providing his/her mobile number and Login using OTP (One Time Password) Passcode. No passwords compulsory.


• Sign-Up With Mobile Number

Let your users sign up using mobile number and increase your sign-up conversion rate. Relieve your user from the pain of opening email account – verifying his/her email address and then having access to the account.

• Password-less Login

In this world of internet it is nearly impossible to remember all the passwords user use to sign up on different websites. Provide your customer a password less login. Login using One Time Passcode sent to your user via SMS on his mobile number

• Email-less Login

Let your user login via mobile number. Forget those traditional emails used to create account

• No Coding / Technical Knowledge Required

You dont need any coding or technical skills to install and use the plugin, it install just as any other plugin. Setup is also easy and our extensive document makes it even more effortless

• International OTP SMS Support

With our free gateways sending SMS to International counties is also totally free. So you can use it for your customers globally.

• Custom Fields

Add custom fields like text, data, number, dropdown, checkbox, radio, user role selector etc to your forms

• Create Customer on Order

There are times when you need to create customer while adding a new order from back-end. So we’ve also implemented this feature with all our plugin features.

WooCommerce Compatible


  • Merge Phone Number
  • Old Account Migrator
  • Forced Login Page Lock
  • Country Based SMS Message Gateway
  • One Click Login/Signup
  • Additional Fields & Logic Builder
  • Email Filter


  • Google Firebase (Free)
  • Twilio
  • Amazon SNS (AWS)
  • MSG91
  • MessageBird
  • Plivo
  • ClickSend
  • Clockwork SMS
  • Mobily.ws
  • Clickatell
  • Nexmo
  • Yunpian
  • Unifonic
  • Kalyera
  • Melipayamak
  • CM.com
  • TextLocal
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Netgsm
  • Farapayamak.ir
  • Ghasedak.io
  • Smsc.ru
  • TargetSMS
  • Africas Talking
  • Alibaba Go China
  • IBulkSMS
  • SendInBlue
  • Alpha Cell

Don’t see your preferred gateway in this list. Mail us at [email protected] for requesting its integration


  • Password reset with OTP Passcode
  • Signup with password, login with OTP or Password anything
  • Custom fields for login and signup forms
  • White label Custom sign-up and login page
  • Modal sign-up and login form
  • White-list / Block countries
  • Auto detect country code
  • Default country code
  • User can add email after signing up with mobile
  • User can also sign up with email and add phone number later
  • Free and Paid SMS Gateways
  • Full WooCommerce support
  • Remove Email and Password Fields from Login – Signup Forms
  • Disable strong password registration
  • WooCommerce Phone Verification on Checkout
  • Login, Register, Logout Redirect
  • Option to add captcha in login form
  • Test API settings
  • WC add order can search user with mobile number
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Option to disable registration
  • Option to disable OTP
  • WPML Compatible



NOTE: We also release 3rd decimal point (like frequently with minor fixes, but they are only available via our servers, so we request you to update your plugin from your Installed Plugins page in your WordPress Admin Panel. We also don't update changelog for these minor releases, minor update changelog is included in major updates changelog.

26 November 2019 -ver6.11
  - New: New alert popups
  - New: Registration Successful message
  - New: Amazon Pinpoint Gateway
  - New: Option to change my-account menu link
  - New: Setting to disable username login
  - New: Option to exclude pages from Full Site Lock (Addon)
  - Improved: Optimized zxcvbn.min.js usage
  - Improved: Compatibility with plugins overwriting WC checkout fields
  - Fixed: Autofill issue in country code
  - Fixed: Color picker conflict
  - Fixed: Yunpian not working for some instances
  - Fixed: Capital letters in username
  - Fixed: Back button in pagelock addon
  - Fixed: Duplicate fields in WC checkout
  - Fixed: Removed OR text from checkout
  - Fixed: Mobile field padding in backend when country code hide was enabled 
  - Fixed: Fields placeholder text going below input box in rare conditions

22 October 2019 -ver6.10
  - New: Africas Talking SMS Gateway
  - New: Alibaba (Go China) SMS Gateway
  - New: IBulkSMS Gateway
  - New: SendInBlue SMS Gateway
  - New: Alpha Cell SMS Gateway
  - New: Infobip SMS Gateway
  - New: Country code blacklist
  - New: Option to change mobile phone number formatting
  - Improved: Phone number formatting
  - Improved: Translation
  - Improved: Mobile field for RTL
  - Improved: Compatibility with step checkout plugins
  - Improved: Conflict detector for plugins using same libraries
  - Improved: Performance &  Speed of logic builder addon
  - Fixed: OR alignment between buttons
  - Fixed: Username not getting generated from name in WC checkout
  - Fixed: Cross button missing from logic builder
  - Fixed: Compatibility issues with Ultimate Member when not using WC
  - Fixed: User role not working when having special character in its name
  - Fixed: WC functions conflict with some plugins
  - Fixed: Mobile number logic not working in some cases
  - Fixed: Login with OTP redirecting to home page
  - Fixed: Field validation after sending OTP on WC account page
  - Fixed: Unable to change display name from frontend

11 August 2019 -ver6.9
  - New: Multi-Lingual SMS template (with country based addon)
  - New: Option to generate username from email
  - New: Amazon SNS (AWS) Gateway
  - New: Farapayamak.ir gateway
  - New: Ghasedak.io Gateway
  - New: Smsc.ru Gateway
  - New: TargetSMS Gateway
  - New: Better checkout account creation UX
  - Improved: Russian translations
  - Improved: Msg91 API integration
  - Fixed: Login with OTP button missing in BBPress
  - Fixed: Duplicate fields in checkout
  - Fixed: Hide country code setting not showing
  - Fixed: OTP field missing in buddypress in rare cases
  - Fixed: Old account migrator add button color
  - Fixed: Conflicts with plugins using wc_create_user function
  - Fixed: Ultimate Member not working when mobile number field not added in reg form
  - Fixed: Pagelock addon having scroll issues on iOS

13 July 2019 -ver6.8.4
  - Improved: Added link back to homepage on digits login page site logo
  - Improved: Mobile number accepts pasting number with formatting
  - Fixed: Input border getting removed when field in focus
  - Fixed: Empty Firebase API making settings page unresponsive
  - Fixed: Account kit verification when using Ultimate Member
  - Fixed: Back button redirecting to login page

11 July 2019 -ver6.8.3
  - Improved: Firebase API setting supports full script copy paste
  - Improved: Name field automatically changes to “First Name” when Last Name field is added
  - Improved: Email field now accepts apostrophe (eg. nam’[email protected])
  - Improved: OTP field supports copy paste
  - Improved: Digits menu position in admin panel is not above users
  - Fixed: Custom fields not getting saved when WC not installed
  - Fixed: Console warnings
  - Fixed: WC use of strong password not getting disabled
  - Fixed: Incorrect preset name coming after saving
  - Fixed: Errors in WP health page due to curl bug
  - Fixed: Custom registration fields not coming in default WordPress registration

23 June 2019 -ver6.8.2
  - Improved: wp-login.php integration is OFF by default
  - Improved: Addon translation
  - Fixed: WP Rocket compatibility when using defer js
  - Fixed: get_current_user_role conflict
  - Fixed: Addons on deactivating on multisite
  - Fixed: IUMP registration with AccountKit
  - Fixed: Ultimate Member registration with AccountKit
  - Fixed: Login with mobile number and password
  - Fixed: Registration not working with checkbox field
  - Fixed: Last Name not getting saved in rare cases
  - Fixed: Conflicts with flatsome theme
  - Fixed: Submit OTP button text change for Reset Password

25 May 2019 -ver6.8.1
  - Improved: No password notification on pass change with OTP
  - Fixed: Depreciated jQuery functions
  - Fixed: Field sorting not working in wc username & pass
  - Fixed: Login with mobile number starting with 0
  - Fixed: Country code in username when user created from checkout
  - Fixed: UM form account kit mobile check if changed in modal

15 May 2019 -ver6.8
  - New: Netgsm Gateway
  - New: Name fields optional in create account backend order page 
  - Improved: Russian translations
  - Improved: Updated MSG91 API
  - Improved: Preset slider
  - Improved: Checkbox color not changing with text color
  - Improved: Firebase error message on my-account page
  - Improved: Changed SMS template setting location under Gateway
  - Fixed: Non translatable strings
  - Fixed: Login not working in some cases when same mobile and username
  - Fixed: Guest checkout not working with Merge phone addon
  - Fixed: Extra profile fields getting deleted when deleting field
  - Fixed: Country code in username when user created from checkout page

03 May 2019 -ver6.7
  - New: ADNSMS Gateway
  - New: WC Marketplace support
  - Improved: Gateway test response width
  - Improved: Error message when user click checkout without signup
  - Fixed: Required field check in checkout before OTP
  - Fixed: ?> coming in BP form
  - Fixed: Mobile number verification failed when using merge billing addon
  - Fixed: Field sorting not working 
  - Fixed: Loading icon not coming on page redirect

20 April 2019 -ver6.6.1
  - Improved: Username generation options
  - Improved: Unicode support in nexmo
  - Fixed: Firebase crashing settings page
  - Fixed: RTL issue in OTP box
  - Fixed: Firebase only having 4 digits OTP input
  - Fixed: Test API button not working
  - Fixed: Password reset email on new user signup

15 April 2019 -ver6.6
  - New: Country Based SMS Gateway Addon
  - New: Forced Login Page Lock Addon
  - New: Alibaba SMS Gateway
  - New: Option to hide country code field
  - New: Remember Me option
  - New: Chinese translations
  - Fixed: Submit OTP button hiding when pressing enter
  - Fixed: WC my account page not ignoring 0 before number
  - Fixed: Addon update button not working 
  - Fixed: Loading icon missing in account kit modal redirect

10 April 2019 -ver6.5
  - New: Old Account Migrator Addon
  - New: Merge Phone Number Addon
  - New: One Click Login/Signup Addon
  - New: Additional Fields & Logic Builder Addon
  - New: Email Filter Addon
  - New: Full WPML compatibility
  - New: Admin can save user without required field restriction
  - Improved: Color picker
  - Improved: Menu item rendering
  - Improved: Modal height adaptiveness
  - Fixed: BP registrations
  - Fixed: Save button not working when fields position changed 
  - Fixed: Input box rendering when using custom class
  - Fixed: JS getting corrupted when using captcha
  - Fixed: Only text of menu item was clickable

28 March 2019 -ver6.4.2
  - Improved: Account Kit checks for user registration before sending OTP
  - Improved: Added option to remove /wp-login.php integration
  - Improved: Default logout redirect set to homepage
  - Fixed: Errors while adding user from backend
  - Fixed: Incorrect mobile/email already in use error
  - Fixed: Login with OTP button coming on wp-login.php even after disabling 

15 March 2019 -ver6.4.1
  - Improved: Arabic translations
  - Improved: Dutch translation included
  - Improved: Option to select between modal/popup in Account Kit
  - Improved: Checkbox in RTL
  - Improved: RTL button alignment in wp-login.php
  - Fixed: Label overlapping input in autofill condition
  - Fixed: Removed option to change OTP size from firebase as they dont allow
  - Fixed: Username getting prefilled when incorrect mobile login attempt

11 March 2019 -ver6.4
  - New: CM.com gateway
  - New: TextLocal gateway
  - New: Account Kit Popup changed to Modal
  - Improved: Selected countries UI in settings
  - Improved: Account Kit error messages
  - Improved: Blocked page scroll on modal
  - Improved: /wp-login.php button UI
  - Fixed: Mobile number fired non WC checkout sort in some websites
  - Fixed: IUMP signup error
  - Fixed: Expand button getting disappeared when hiding customizer
  - Fixed: Account kit not working with IUMP
  - Fixed: WP redirection issue
  - Fixed: Duplicate php function on /wp-login.php
  - Fixed: Loading icon behind modal

15 February 2019 -ver6.3.2
  - Improved: Compatibility with more login forms
  - Improved: Modal Scrollbar
  - Improved: RTL Settings
  - Fixed: Sometimes no country code coming on page load
  - Fixed: Sort order when adding new custom fields
  - Fixed: WooCommerce fields placeholder
  - Fixed: Modal not closing on iOS devices
  - Fixed: Migration from customer to vendor in Dokan
  - Fixed: Field padding on /wp-admin page

08 February 2019 -ver6.3.1
  - Improved: /wp-admin page UI
  - Improved: WPTouch compatbility
  - Fixed: PHP warnings 
  - Fixed: Locale
  - Fixed: js issue on login

24 January 2019 -ver6.3
  - New: WordPress default form compatibility
  - New: OTP SMS on WhatsApp support from Account Kit
  - New: bbPress compatibility
  - New: Option to export/import settings
  - Improved: Russian translations
  - Improved: CSS style with some themes
  - Fixed: Username issue on WC login
  - Fixed: OTP field input from European keyboards 

13 January 2019 -ver6.2.2
  - Improved: Form style
  - Improved: Default country code working
  - Improved: Padding in errors
  - Improved: Submit OTP will now work with enter
  - Improved: Scrollbar style for firefox
  - Fixed: Buttons not working in setting when firebase settings are empty
  - Fixed: Country code field overlapping mobile number in some themes
  - Fixed: CSS file 404 error in console

3 January 2019 -ver6.2.1
  - Improved: Translations now include country names
  - Improved: Updated Twilio API
  - Improved: Settings page responsiveness
  - Fixed: Custom CSS not working
  - Fixed: OTP input field missing from woocommerce's login page in some themes
  - Fixed: Color picker library producing error on some websites
  - Fixed: Mobile padding issue on some iOS devices
  - Fixed: Settings not getting saved when firebase API were incorrect

22 December 2018 -ver6.2
  - New: Form fields repositioning
  - Improved: New IP based location detection system
  - Improved: Settings page UI
  - Improved: Plugin registration on subsites is now automatic
  - Fix: Duplicate custom fields in add new user backend
  - Fix: Extra + symbol on IUMP phone field
  - Fix: IUMP registration not working on some websites
  - Fix: Login error messages
  - Fix: Wrong values being displayed in custom fields in wp profile page

15 December 2018 -ver6.1.1
  - Improved: Ultimate Membership Pro now uses "Phone Number" field
  - Fix: New shortcodes not working
  - Fix: Terms and Conditions checkbox UI
  - Fix: Email login not working for some websites
  - Fix: Account Kit requiring another click after OTP submission
  - Fix: UMP not working for some users
  - Fix: Invalid email error
  - Fix: Incorrect mobile number already in use error
  - Fix: Menu items bug

18 November 2018 -ver6.1
  - New: Option to add captcha in login form
  - New: Melipayamak SMS Gateway
  - Improved: Shortcode naming
  - Improved: Ultimate Member compatibility
  - Fix: Login with 0 not working on woocommerce page
  - Fix: Some instances facing issues with signup form
  - Fix: Incorrect Theophilus  preset value
  - Fix: Multisite activation fixed
  - Fix: Registration menu getting disappeared from admin panel
  - Fix: Terms and condition checkbox color
  - Fix: Email signup without password
  - Fix: Captcha not working

13 November 2018 -ver6.0.4
  - Improved: GeoIP API changed
  - Improved: Linked logo to homepage
  - Improved: Plugin will unregister itself on uninstallation
  - Improved: Changed Activate tab name to Register
  - Fix: Login with initial zero not working when using password
  - Fix: Add user with mobile number not working with custom admin
  - Fix: Both WC and WP emails being sent on registration

3 November 2018 -ver6.0.3
  - Improved: Timeout in freegeoip
  - Improved: Localization for country names
  - Improved: Mobile page UI
  - Improved: Settings page UI
  - Fix: Api settings error message
  - Fix: Login not working with space in username
  - Fix: Zero not getting ignored in AccountKit
  - Fix: Firebase OTP size issue
  - Fix: Element close tag
  - Fix: Firebase not working in some conditions

25 October 2018 -ver6.0.2
  - Improved: Firebase SDK updated to latest version
  - Fix: Firebase console errors

25 October 2018 -ver6.0.1
  - Fix: Duplicate user role selector in add user backend

24 October 2018 -ver6.0
   - New: Login/Signup page and modal design
   - New: Settings UI
   - New: Provision for addons
   - New: Test API settings
   - New: Woocommerce/Wordpress fields as custom fields
   - New: User role selector custom field
   - New: Kaleyra SMS Gateway
   - New: Zero before mobile number will be automatically ignored
   - New: Curl check before plugin is activated to avoid fatal errors
   - New: Custom registration fields in backend add new user
   - Improved: User Interface
   - Improved: Radiobox, checkbox will use line break
   - Improved: Hide OTP Size when gateway is firebase or account kit
   - Fix: Menu item bug
   - Fix: Password change emails being sent on new registration for some websites
   - Fix: Custom fields were not getting saved with some particular meta key
   - Fix: WC forgot password line after form submission
   - Fix: Mobile number not getting saved when adding user from backend
   - Fix: Custom field not getting saved when using foreign characters in label
   - Fix: Please fill all details when password was disabled for some websites
   - Fix: Register with password coming even when disabled for some websites
   - Fix: Login not using remember me option when logged in with OTP
   - Fix: Register with OTP coming when password disabled

7 August 2018 -ver5.3
   - New: WC add order can search user with mobile number
   - Improved: Check user registration before sending OTP
   - Improved: PHP warnings
   - Improved: WooCommerce compatibility with latest version
   - Improved: GDPR compliance with WordPress 
   - Fix: Custom field required text not changing in backend
   - Fix: Save button not working when just changing custom CSS
   - Fix: Firebase captcha on custom built page
   - Fix: Custom fields padding
   - Fix: Firebase integration with some websites
   - Fix: Placeholder issues in some themes
   - Fix: Forgot Password when OTP is invalid
   - Fix: Select color dropdown
   - Fix: Dropdown detault value
   - Fix: Signup button not coming in rare cases
   - Fix: Submit OTP issues in some cases

22 June 2018 -ver5.2.4
   - Improved: Forgot password email now uses WC link if WC installed
   - Fix: Clickatell API not working

20 June 2018 -ver5.2.3
   - Improved: GDPR Compatibility
   - Improved: Logout translation added
   - Improved: Forgot Password
   - Improved: Changed default OTP size from 4 to 5
   - Improved: Label setting when using RTL
   - Improved: WC Compatibility
   - Improved: Country code support
   - Fix: Mobile number field coming in login when its disabled
   - Fix: Reseting password using forgot password
   - Fix: Registration field error when login with mobile is disabled
   - Fix: Admin cannot edit his own mobile number from wp edit user
   - Fix: Not more than 1 checkbox value is selected
   - Fix: WC checkout was also accepting mail when mob was required
   - Fix: Mobily bug
   - Fix: Some PHP warnings
   - Fix: Login Modal box height
   - Fix: Firebase WC checkout not working

25 May 2018 – Version: 5.2.2
   - Improved: WP submit button alignment
   - Improved: Bootstrap framework themes compatibility
   - Improved: WP username sanitation
   - Improved: Form re-submission without page refresh
   - Fix: Firebase ajax submit issues with other plugins
   - Fix: HTML issue in custom fields
   - Fix: Invalid email error for domains like .world
   - Fix: Mobile number required even when set to option on some websites
   - Fix: BuddyPress profile link
   - Fix: WC login password field issue in checkout page
   - Fix: Mobile number not accepted if larger than 32bit

10 May 2018 -ver5.2.1
   - Improved: Modal login
   - Improved: Billing supoprt in RTL languages
   - Fix: Account kit locale translation issue
   - Fix: Signup modal not showing signup with password 
   - Fix: Label issues on wc my account page 
   - Fix: Unifonic gateway bug
   - Fix: Issue with input fields on mobile with some themes
   - Fix: WP user page validation bugs

7 May 2018 -ver5.2
   - New: Unifonic SMS Gateway
   - New: Persian language translations
   - Improved: Compatibility with checkout page
   - Improved: Separated username field in add user page backend
   - Improved: Changed WC forgot pass description line
   - Improved: Translations
   - Fix: WC error messages coming in header
   - Fix: Mobile number login cache issue
   - Fix: Opacity on login modal overlay
   - Fix: Firebase verification failed error

29 April 2018 -ver5.1.1
   - Fix: Error message when mobile number is not entered
   - Fix: RTL languages 
   - Fix: AccountKit not loading issue with unsupported languages
   - Fix: Duplicate id dig_nounce warning
   - Fix: WC username login sometimes showing invalid password

23 April 2018 -ver5.1
   - Improved: RTL support
   - Improved: Forgot password compatibility with themes
   - Fix: Custom fields required option not updating
   - Fix: Facebook Account Kit SDK loading issue
   - Fix: Password reset not showing js error
   - Fix: Submit button on password reset showing submit OTP
   - Fix: Resend OTP Button after verifying OTP

20 April 2018 -ver5.0.5
   - Fix: BuddyPress registration
   - Fix: WooCommerce front-end account details bug

16 April 2018 -ver5.0.4
   - Fix: PHP Warnings
   - Fix: Firebase Signature verification failed error

13 April 2018 -ver5.0.3
   - Fix: Country code appearing on WooCommerce Email Field
   - Fix: Configuration wizard not saving on some websites

13 April 2018 -ver5.0.2
   - Improved: Settings page UI
   - Improved: Social login plugins compatibility
   - Improved: Country code input box
   - Fix: Signup Button Border
   - Fix: Registration issues with some themes
   - Fix: Email field hiding on signup page
   - Fix: Country code field width on iOS
   - Fix: Mobile number always used as username
   - Fix: Dropdown css issue
   - Fix: Country code appearing in email fields
   - Fix: Invalid OTP error on some websites

11 April 2018 -ver5.0.1
   - Improved: WooCommerce Compatibility
   - Fix: Custom fields delete button not working
   - Fix: Dokan plugin compatibility
   - Fix: Error while generating username bug

7 April 2018 -ver5.0
   - New: Custom Fields for forms
   - New: Google Firebase integration
   - New: Change OTP resent time
   - New: Option to disable registration
   - New: Option to disable OTP
   - New: Option to use strong password
   - Improved: Color picker
   - Improved: Compatibility with themes
   - Fix: Mail sending issue on some websites
   - Fix: Page not found redirect issue on login page
   - Fix: Theme overriding menu buttons
   - Fix: IUMP registration bug on some websites
   - Fix: Save button not working on some websites
   - Fix: Shortcode alignment
   - Fix: Log In and Log Out URL issue on some websites
   - Fix: Input label
   - Fix: Modal and Registration box height
   - Fix: Invalid Account Kit ID error
   - Fix: Multiple js script localize variables

For full changelog click here

  • Puru991

    2017-08-15 22:37:35
    Purchased Reply

    Hey there, I am gonna purchase this them https://themeforest.net/item/gastro-cafe-restaurant-wordpress-theme/19977474 I want to send sms notifications when users book a table or place an order. Is it possible with this plugin?

  • UnitedOver

    2017-08-16 00:51:44
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, No this functionality is not present in this plugin as there are many other plugins for these sort of things. Digits is the only plugin that provides wordpress website users to create an account simply using their mobile number and OTP no need to remember passwords or their email address (you can also enable email and password too if you want) I also believe that this functionality will also be useful for your website :) Try it out and increase your conversion rate :)

  • Dinkano

    2018-02-26 03:16:22
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, great plugin, do you support https://identifyme.net or in future ? your product quality is great why don't you make more products. Good luck with sales. Thanks

  • UnitedOver

    2018-02-27 05:48:19
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you very much for your kind words :) We don't support identifyme.net at this moment but we are planning to add its compatibility in future. We are also working on some other products :)

  • muradsaifi

    2018-03-23 01:06:28
    Purchased Reply

    can we use it on buddypress registration page instead of email?

  • UnitedOver

    2018-03-23 02:43:07
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Yes the plugin is compatible with buddypress :) Even if you feel any issue with it you can contact us by clicking on the below link and our team will be there for you

  • DannySyd

    2018-03-31 16:19:04
    Purchased Reply

    Hi their, Awesome plugin, just two questions, * is it WPML ready and Does it support RTL languages? Thanks in advance. Danny

  • UnitedOver

    2018-03-31 19:22:25
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Yes the plugin is WPML ready and it supports RTL Languages :)

  • hxr99

    2017-12-03 14:02:10
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, whenever I install this plugin. My Dropdown Menu in Appearance -> Menus are not working, the dropdown will not expand its option. Please, help me.

  • UnitedOver

    2017-12-04 00:05:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, This is not at all caused by Digits as this plugin does not play with menu settings/options. It is definitely due to some other thing. Still if you want us to have a look, please send us your website login details at [email protected]

  • jffbrwn

    2018-01-19 05:29:49
    Purchased Reply

    Is the archive for download here up-to-date? WordPress is telling me version is out but the latest ZIP file here is for 4.1.9...

  • UnitedOver

    2018-01-19 06:01:34
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Jffbrwn, we release only major updates on CodeCanyon that effect each and every user (which come under 2 decimal places like 4.1.9), all the minor updates that are generally user specific or does not effect anything are released via our servers, so to receive them your plugin should be activated (those update versions are of 3 decimal like But as of now ver 4.1.10 has been released and as mentioned in our changelog, Envato(Codecanyon Parent Company) takes some time to make the update public on Codecanyon, so in this mean time that update can also be downloaded via our server using the plugins page on your WordPress Admin Panel. We have also received your ticket on our email and have also replied to that :)

  • gst2727

    2018-04-26 12:25:19
    Purchased Reply

    Dear sir i have send a mail i m getting an error can u please fix it .Thank you very much .

  • UnitedOver

    2018-04-26 17:31:59
    Purchased Reply

    We've replied to your ticket :) Also the issue was not from our end.

  • thongmee

    2018-09-22 22:46:32
    Purchased Reply

    REGISTER WITH OTP not working it show A system issue occurred. Pleases try again. Why? my site non ssl.

  • thongmee

    2018-09-23 00:08:17
    Purchased Reply

    Is it possible to hide my profile in navigation menu after user loged in.?

  • thongmee

    2018-09-23 03:34:30
    Purchased Reply

    LOGIN WITH OTP not working it not show OTP field how can i fix it?

  • UnitedOver

    2018-09-23 11:28:20
    Purchased Reply

    For the error please visit, https://support.unitedover.com/faq and read the first FAQ. To hide menu, you can use a great free plugin, "If Menu"

  • toritio

    2018-08-04 19:12:30
    Purchased Reply

    Country Code not working on woocommerce edit account after new update. Error: Invalid Country Code and in checkout field billing phone is not taking my data. No phone number i am able to put inside it.

  • UnitedOver

    2018-08-04 19:18:29
    Purchased Reply

    Can you please create a ticket on support.unitedover.com with your website details.

  • toritio

    2018-08-12 11:20:33
    Purchased Reply

    Sorted Thanks

  • UnitedOver

    2018-08-12 17:17:44
    Purchased Reply


  • msheraz5

    2018-09-09 20:37:16
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I have created a ticked 2 days ago but haven't received any response. Hope you'll reply soon.

  • UnitedOver

    2018-09-09 21:18:56
    Purchased Reply

    Can you please share the ticket number as our first reply is generally in 2-4 hours, so this is something strange. Something unexpected must have happened.

  • msheraz5

    2018-09-09 21:39:37
    Purchased Reply


  • UnitedOver

    2018-09-09 22:02:45
    Purchased Reply

    I'll have support team look into it and get back to you asap.

  • ricointcom

    2018-08-12 00:55:19
    Purchased Reply

    hi , i am using ultimate member plugin and i want to add OTP for Sign up forms ( just Sign up forms i have 3 Sign up forms ) can your plugin do this ??

  • UnitedOver

    2018-08-12 04:55:45
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, we do not support OTP verification on any other form's / plugin field

  • julioesperilla

    2018-11-18 10:07:01
    Purchased Reply

    Hey! I've purchased your plugin (Twice because of a mistake with envato cart). And I'm very surprised to see that your plugin doesn't work. I'm really dissapointed, and I want my money back!

  • UnitedOver

    2018-11-18 16:07:25
    Purchased Reply

    Can you please let me know what exactly is not working?

  • drjohndimi

    2018-11-25 04:39:03
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. Any Black Friday deal on the price? :grin:

  • UnitedOver

    2018-11-25 05:00:01
    Purchased Reply

    Deal is already on.

  • xlinkinfocom

    2019-03-19 03:31:05
    Purchased Reply

    Does this plugin support SMSGATEWAYHUB sms ? How to integrate this ? https://www.smsgatewayhub.com/

  • UnitedOver

    2019-03-19 04:56:41
    Purchased Reply

    No as of now this gateway is not integrated.

  • Ebrahimexo

    2019-02-23 14:49:48
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Presale question - am using a plugin to help users sign up on my woocommerce store with their social media accounts, fb, Tw and G+ .. will your plugin conflict with that? my fingers are on the purchase button right now i just want to clear this up first, Looking forward for your reply, Thanks.

  • UnitedOver

    2019-02-23 19:10:47
    Purchased Reply

    No it will not cause any issue with social login plugin. :) Now you can cluck the button :P

  • Ebrahimexo

    2019-02-25 18:34:55
    Purchased Reply

    did that, installing it on my client website as we speak :) Thanks for the prompt reply <3

  • UnitedOver

    2019-02-25 19:30:02
    Purchased Reply

    Great to hear that :D

  • ZabavaInc

    2019-03-27 22:05:22
    Purchased Reply

    I've tried to send belorussian mobiles (+375) thru your form -- it didn't work. Why?

  • UnitedOver

    2019-03-28 00:30:59
    Purchased Reply

    We do support Belarus, can you please create a ticket on https://x.co/digitshelp so we can take a look into this.

  • Chechobecho

    2019-04-16 13:21:25
    Purchased Reply

    This plugin work without any extenral fee, or should we pay for sms service

  • UnitedOver

    2019-04-16 17:01:19
    Purchased Reply

    No you dont have to pay anything for the SMS.

  • sara25647

    2019-05-02 14:35:55
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Can I use the Ultimate Membership Pro plugin to change my mobile number in my profile?

  • UnitedOver

    2019-05-02 18:20:41
    Purchased Reply

    Yes you can.

  • dozenhostcc

    2019-06-01 13:54:42
    Purchased Reply

    i got this error ''This is a trial version of Digits, please register the plugin using purchase code from here to use full version. If you have not purchased digits yet, then please visit this link to buy a genuine licensed copy.''

  • UnitedOver

    2019-06-01 16:50:37
    Purchased Reply

    Please register your plugin with purchase code.

  • techgeek1986

    2019-06-21 00:50:27
    Purchased Reply

    Pre Sales Question if i create a new registration form using digits and assign it a user-role made by another plugin i.e. lifter lms will this work and can i create a separate page for login/logout using digits and then add it to the WordPress default menu Thanks

  • UnitedOver

    2019-06-21 02:36:17
    Purchased Reply

    Yes you can assign custom role created by another plugin to digits form and have a separate fully customizable white labeled page which you can add in WordPress menu.