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ARMember is wordpress membership plugin for 2019, a One Stop Solution to sell WordPress subscription, user registration plugin, user profiles and lot more without having any advanced knowledge of programming

Experience magic of ARMember with personal Frontend/Backend demo or quick video overview

Most efficient content protection

Armember has great content protection features. You can protect your full or partial content by various ways.

Offers almost every kind of membership models

ARMember offers many different ways to offer memberships models to your subscribers.

Great new feature introduced now dynamically create membership card and assign to premium members

Login/signup Forms

Do you want best forms for signup and login withmany bells and whistles??

Opt-ins Integration

Built-in Securiity Options Available

We highly consider your Security concerns. Save your money to be spent on Numerous plugins to secure your site.

Third Party Integration

Obviously we can not do everything. So, we give option to integrate with best third party plugins.

Lets Get Socialize

Beautiful user profiles and searchable member directory pages with great customizations.

More Social Features

That’s not it!! ARMember comes with tons of more great features

How ARMember users feel about the plugin experience? few of those 5 Star rated testimonies

ARMember WordPress Membership Plugin is the latest and easy to use membership management solution that will cover all your membership website requirements by a tailor-made design just for you. It is super easy and user-friendly that you need no rocket science knowledge in the field of programming.

ARMember is a complete bundle that will offer protected members-only content, suitable payment options, member management and so much more !

Important Features-

  • All in one membership Plugin with easy integration : ARMember is a one-stop solution to all your membership needs like member management, payment tracking mechanism, drip content, etc and it is so easy to set up that within minutes you will have your own membership site up and running ! You can easily track the number of members in total and the ratio of active and inactive members on your site. Payment history of different membership categories can be easily tracked.

  • Restrict your website content effortlessly : Protecting and restricting the content of your website is an important aspect. We provide a very easy solution to this, with just a simple click you can hide your exclusive content from a particular level of members and offer certain content as per the selective membership category. In short, you can schedule the release of your content to the members according to the subscription time and level chosen.

  • Unique membership setup wizard : Our membership setup wizard is unique and provides you with a single short code that can be used throughout the entire process starting right from the plan selection followed by the registration or signup stage and until the payment processing.

  • Built-in advanced form builder :Your members will require to fill up different forms from time to time like the signup, login details, forgot password, change password, etc. We provide you with a range of stylish & customized form templates that you can choose from for these different requirements. One more reason to be glad is that these forms are free from the ugly looking Captcha because ARMember has got you covered with its anti-spam mechanism!

  • Drip feed content:ARMember a wordpress membership plugin comes with builtin facility of content dripping with all optional features

  • Profiles and directories with templates :We provide a choice of striking templates for member profiles and directory listing which can be further customized too.

  • Login/signup modal forms in the top menu : Now adding the login/signup modal forms in the top menu has been simplified. It requires no coding and you can add them in the top navigation links for easy access.

  • Popular payment gateways : Members are more comfortable signing up if they are being offered convenient and popular payment gateways. ARMember membership Plugin for wordpress comes with some of the most popular gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Bank Transfer, 2Checkout & Authorize.net

Our goal is to provide you with the maximum which is easiest to understand as well as use. We want to keep the membership building process as simple as possible. Keeping all this in mind we came up with these added features to ease up the process even more. You will get instant access to these added benefits as soon as you purchase ARMember :

  • Easy member management
  • Unlimited plans with trial period
  • Content restriction flexibility
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Periodic billing
  • Drip content facility
  • Social Networks login/connect
  • Member profile/directory templates
  • Exclusive coupon management
  • Opt-ins (email marketers)
  • Built in modal form support
  • Badges and achievements
  • Navigation menu links for forms
  • Developer friendly API
  • Import Export Users & Settings
  • Captcha free anti-spam facility
  • Email notification with template
  • Woocommerce content restriction
  • Buddy press integration
  • One click Plugin update
  • Professional support team
  • Translation ready

Change Log

Version 3.3.3 (21 October, 2019)

  • Small bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 3.3.2 (03 October, 2019)

  • Added option to accept payment with stripe default checkout(built-in credit card fields) method OR stripe SCA popup method.
  • Added new email notification upon ‘User login’.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Version 3.3.1 (18 September, 2019)

  • Fixed bug related to file upload issue in profile cover.
  • improved stripe integration
  • Other minor bug fixes

Version 3.3 (10 September, 2019)

  • Added new facility for user-wise private content.
  • Added new form section “Profile Forms” to create profile forms with more custom fields other than signup/login etc.
  • Added 3D Secure such as SCA Compliant Stripe Payments
  • Added new facility to generate bulk copuons.
  • Added new facility to set Avatar and Background Image in Membership card.
  • Added new facility to set custom fields in membership card.
  • Added new feature to Enable/Disable in-built ARMember’s spam protection facility.
  • Added two new email notification events:
    1. On member close account event.
    2. Payment due reminder for auto debit payment type.
  • Added more shortcodes to use in Email notification message.
  • Added facility for administrator user to view/print Membership card.
  • Added facility to cancel Finite plans.
  • Added more security upon file upload.
  • Removed Google Plus social media support.
  • Much more optimized code and loading speed improvement.
  • Other bug fixes.

Version 3.2.1 (19 March, 2019)

  • Updated Max Mind Database.
  • Updated MailChimp API version 3.0
  • Other Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.2 (07 March, 2019)

  • Introduced New Signup Form Field: Google Recaptcha.
  • Added Facility to allow multiple drip rule on same Membership Plan for custom content.
  • Added New Facility to add custom fields in Members Directory Listing.
  • Added New Social Profile Field Skype and WhatsApp for profile and directories.
  • Added Facility to allow to use underscore(_) in Username.
  • Updated Social Login LinkedIn with oAuth 2.0 Method.
  • Added Compatibility to Mailster Latest Version.
  • Updated PHP Mailer Library.
  • Other Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.1.1 (19 December, 2018)

  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.1 (07 December, 2018)

  • Added Compatibility with Gutenberg editor.
  • Added New Google Fonts.
  • Added Facility to Export Login History of user.
  • Other bug fixes.

Version 3.0(Major Release) (30 October, 2018)

  • Introducing new Email marketer(Opt-ins) : MadMimi and Mailer Lite.
  • Added Support of Instagram Social Connect Facility for Login/Signup.
  • Added New Feature to Apply Coupon Discount On each Recurring Payments of subscription plan.
  • Added New Feature to create Membership Cards Based on ARMember Membership Plan.
  • Added New Facility to Change or Update Credit/Debit Card details for Auto-Recurring Payments.
  • Added Facility to Apply Sales Tax based on Country.
  • Added new Feature to Credit MyCred Points while purchasing on ARMember Membership Plan.
  • Added New Facility to set multi level badges based on specific condition.
  • Added Facility to Cancel User’s Auto Recurring Subscription while Uninstaling ARMember Plugin.
  • Added Facility to Set Prefix / Suffix in Invoice ID and also Facility to set minimum length of Invoice ID.
  • Added New Facility to set condition on opt-ins for user subscription.
  • Added New Facility to Datewise Search Transactions and Export as CSV from ARMember Payment History Page.
  • Added New Facility to display Actual Response at front side for Stripe and Authorised.net Payment Gateway.
  • Added Facility to having User Status Inactive Profile will not be displayed in ARMember profile.
  • Added New Facility at Manage Member Page search for member status and user having more than one plan.
  • Added New Facility to display Order ID on Payment Transaction Shortcode for 2Checkout Payment Gateway which need to use for update their card details through 2Checkout.
  • Added new shortcode [arm_userid] for displaying currently logged in user’s userID.
  • Other Bug Fixes

  • Version 2.2.1(Minor Release) (23 May, 2018)

    • Made changes to make ARMember GDPR.compliant
    • Made Compatible with WordPress Version 4.9.6
    • In Invoice Template Facility to add Form’s Custom Fields.
    • Other Minor bug fixes.

    Version 2.2 (09 March, 2018)

    • Added facility to add Card Holder Name in Stripe payment gateway.
    • Fixed bug with Stripe payment gateway tokenization method.
    • Made compatible with Vkontakte latest API changes.
    • Added sorting facility on Manage Plans, Payment history section.
    • Added sorting facility on Member Status.
    • Other Minor bug fixes.

    Version 2.1 (17 January, 2018)

      li>Added basic content locker facility so, automatic login popup will open upon user trying to access restricted content.
    • Other Minor bug fixes.

    Version 2.0.1 (30 October, 2017)

    • Added support of new shortcodes in email notification templates : Plan Amount, Trial Amount, Coupon Discount, Payable Amount.
    • Added new parameters in Edit Profile Form shortcode to change profile cover field title.
    • Fixed user verification link rare issue.
    • Other Minor bug fixes.

    Version 2.0 (15 October, 2017) – MEGA UPDATE

    • Added Multiple Membership support in our WordPress Membership Plugin. Users will be able to subscribe for more than one membership plan simultaneously.
    • Added a very useful and unique feature : Multiple Payment Cycles in subscription type of plan. So, admin will be able to list multiple payment cycle(monthly, yearly, etc.) for the same membership plan.
      Let’s say, there is one subscription plan named ‘Business Plan’ in site, so admin will be able to set 3 different cycles like a) $100 for entire year 2) $60 for each 6 months 3) $10 for each month.
    • Added One click sign up feature in social connect. User can sign up into the system with default free membership plan only by one click on social connect button. Also you can add such users to your opt-in account.
    • Improved entire core coding of ARMember for Performance boost. Now ARMember operations will perform upto 70% faster
    • Profile & Directory Improvements.
      • Introducing unique profile editor to create beautiful user profiles as many as you need.
      • Added facility to set separate profile template for each different membership/plan.
      • Also facility to hide empty profile fields is added.
      • Added new directory template.
      • Added facility to redirect to author’s post page from directory listing page.
    • BuddyPress
      • Now, you can do complete sync between ARMember & BuddyPress user data like avatar, profile cover, etc.
      • ARMember a wordpress membership plugin provides facility to keep ARMember and BuddyPress user data like Avatar, profile cover, etc in synchronization.
      • Added Facility to redirect to BuddyPress profile from ARMember member listing ( Directory ).
      • Also added facility to redirect to ARMember profile page from BuddyPress members listing.
      • Added BuddyPress xprofile field plugin support.
    • Access Rules Improvements
      • Added facility to restrict content for logged in users having no plan.
      • Added feature to show partial content of restricted page/posts/category/custom-posts in listing. i.e., If page A is restricted and this feature is enabled, then it will be displayed in ‘Pages’ widget with all other page names. When clicked on it, page A will not be accessed.
    • New drip rule options are added. 1) after x days of post/page published, 2) after x days of post/page modified.
    • Introduced Invoice Creation facility for each membership/subscription purchased by user. Invoice template also can be customized.
    • Redirection upon form submission facility is moved to general settings area and added more options for conditional redirection like redirect to some page if user is in trial period and redirect to other page if user is in grace period, etc.
    • Import & Export Improvements
      • Now onwards, ARMember provides such facility to import user with all custom information.

      • Added facility to export user’s all custom fields with selection.

    • Payment Gateway Improvements
      • Support for new Stripe currencies is added.
      • Added coupon support for auto-debit payment mode in Stripe payment gateway.
      • Added facility to choose language for 2checkout and PayPal checkout page.

    • Plan + Sign Up Wizard Improvements
      • Added facility to enable two step registration in plan+sign up setup page.
      • Added facility to hide user’s current plan from plan selection area
      • Added new plan skin for plan+sign up setup wizard.

    • Added facility to choose plan start date while assigning plan to user. Also admin can change expiry date of user plan anytime.
    • Added facility to duplicate login / change password / forgot password from set.
    • Added facility to open plan+signup form modal on click of sign up link inside login form.

    • Added facility to add field description for each form field..
    • Added facility to Manage member’s plans directly from manage members grid.
    • Added new status Terminated for members. So, admin can terminate any user’s account from admin side.
    • Change in Cancel Subscription Action(By User), End Of Term Action, Payment Failed Action for membership plan.
    • ARMember Shortcodes
      • Change in {arm_account_detail}, {arm_membership} shortcodes.
      • Added new shortcode support {arm_user_badge}, {arm_user_planinfo}, {arm_avatar}, {arm_usermeta}.

    • General Settings
      • Disable wp-login page styling added.
      • Added exclude role facility in restrict admin panel setting.
      • Exclude pages for restriction added in Restrict site access without login.
      • Added facility to Block URLs plan wise in security options.
      • Added facility to manually remove failed login attempts user wise from database.

    • Coupon label field is added only for back-end.
    • Manual user activation email notification moved to default email notification section.
    • Added shortcodes for displaying Next due date and Plan amount in email notifications.

    • Added more action and filter hooks related to recurring payment for developers.

    • Other Minor bug fixes.

    Version 1.8.1 (22 February, 2017)

    • Added new basic email template to send email to Admin when any user will update his profile.
    • Added new facility to change email notification schedule timings from admin side.
    • Added new facility to send email notification to admin for custom events.
    • Added new facility to set custom css for “Close Account” shortcode.
    • Added new facility to set label on coupon codes.
    • Fixed grace period issue while member expiration.
    • Fixed remember me issue with member login.
    • Other Minor bug fixes. Improved best Membership Software even better

    Version 1.8 (06 February, 2017)
    • Added new Opt-in method GetResponse.
    • Added new facility to choose single/double opt-in method for mailchimp.
    • Added new facility to allow administrator(s) to show in member directory list/profile page.
    • Added new facility to hide firstname and lastname field from registration form.
    • Added new shortcodes to conditionally check current user comparing username or userid.
    • Added new shortcode to display content conditionally by checking whether currently loggedin user is in trial period or not.
    • Added new facility to change payment gateways label in configure plan+signup page.
    • Added firstname and lastname column in payment transaction grid.
    • Other Minor bug fixes.

    Version 1.7 (11 January, 2017)

    • Added facility for invite only members can register with site
    • Added facility to set fix expiration date for all members to finite plan
    • Added facility to restrict posts bases on tags
    • Fixed PHPMailer vulnerability
    • Added new email notification event support when admin change any user’s plan manually
    • Given facility to assign paid plan for expiration and cancel membership action
    • Made all fields optional for bank transfer payment method
    • Added facility to manage change password success message from general settings
    • Other minor bug fixes.

    Version 1.6 (21 December, 2016)

    • Added options where user can choose whether to pay with auto debit or manual payment while signup with subscription plan. (Unique Features)
    • Added option where plan selection step can be Before or After signup/Registration form at the time of signup.
    • Added Coupon Code support in bank transfer payment method.
    • Improved Coupon option where admin can issue 100% off coupons too.
    • Introduced Grace period for failed payment and EOT plan wise.
    • Added more currencies support in 2checkout payment gateway.
    • Fixed compatibility issue with the wordpress 4.7
    • Removed inbuilt support for cornerstone and Added free Add-on for Cornerstone.
    • Added support to add “subscription start date” of a user while importing users’ details (arm_subscription_start_date should be column name of CSV file then it would work ).
    • Improved Manage members grid to load faster with better options.
    • Fixed issue of when fetching profile picture from twitter connect.
    • Improved content protection mechanism.
    • Improved overall performance while page load.
    • Other minor bug fixes.

    Version 1.5 (25 November, 2016) – Major Release
    • Added WooCommerce Products and ARMember plans Integration ( Now, Plans can be mapped with WooCommerce products and when user will purchase products from woocommerce, mapped plan with that product will be assigned to that user. )
    • Added Manual payment method for subscription.
    • Added Mymail opt-in integration in ARMember.
    • Unique Paid Trial Period with Stripe Payment Gateway added.
    • Added controls in menus setting page to apply plan wise permissions.
    • Added New Redirection Rules setting for restricted items for Loggedin and NonLoggedIn users wise.

    • Added New Redirection Rules setting to restrict site access for Blocked/Expired and Pending Verified users wise.
    • Added Facility for Replacement of ARMember profile page on BBPress’ user profile link.
    • Added New Font awesome icons for form field’s suffix/prefix option.
    • Added Facility to search members with their custom metas in Member Directory page.
    • Added Facility to display social Avatar while get authenticated with social connect buttons.
    • Added Facility to set admin email address from ARMember General Settings page.
    • Other Minor Bugfixes

    Version 1.2.3 (11 November, 2016)

    • Added facility to hide username field on signupform and use email as username.
    • Added Auto lock shared account facility.
    • Added facility to display message for already loggedin users in Registration, Login and Forgot Password form.
    • Added more Font Awesome icons.
    • Other minor bug fixes.

    Version 1.2.2 (26 October, 2016)

    • Added email functionality for user activation from admin side(Manual Activation).
    • Added conditional redirect option in login form.
    • Improved in-buit spam protection.
    • Improvement in form style loading.
    • Other minor bug fixes and css changes.

    Version 1.2.1 (13 October, 2016)

    • Improved Anti spam protection mechanism for forms
    • Added facility to set ARMember forms support in case of email verification and reset password
    • Added profile picture cropping facility in mobile devices.
    • Added new shortcodes to display current username, display name and firstname/lastname.
    • Improvement in Profile Directory – Dynamic selection for show/hide Profile field.
    • Added Norwegian currency support in Stripe payment gateway
    • Added new email template for renew subscription notification
    • Improved plugin loading performance..
    • Other minor bug fixes and css changes.

    Version 1.2 (03 October, 2016)

    • Added new widget of ARMember Login status widget – which will display Current user basid data after user loggedin.
    • Added facility for track user login history log. full history will be displayed at admin side.
    • Added new functionality to Import users with “Password” provided in imported file
    • Added new option in import users to set common password for all new users while importing.
    • Improvement in Profile Directory – Dynamic selection for show/hide Profile field.
    • Added new facility for Conditional Redirection page based on user’s plan using shortcode
    • Improved Navigation menu Show/hide position based on its parent menu display condition
    • Improved plugin loading performance..
    • Other minor bug fixes and css changes.

    Version 1.1 (21 September, 2016)

    • Added Facility to show Navigation menu item conditionally. for Logged-in & Non Logged-in Users conditionally.
    • Added bbPress Support
    • Added new Shortcode to show content on basis different user meta value conditionally.
    • Added new option in import users to set common password for all new users while importing.
    • Added option to set default plan in plan + signup configuration page.
    • Added new facility for “reset login attempts”.
    • Improved plugin loading performance..
    • Other minor bug fixes and css changes.

  • infolu

    2017-10-17 10:12:20
    Purchased Reply

    Great update, congratulations. I have a question before renewing my support line, it is not a question to solve a problem but a technical question, today I have the plugin installed in a website, but I have new domains added (Aliase) domains parked more yes) Using the function   define ('WP_SITEURL', 'http: //'. $ _SERVER ['HTTP_HOST'].);   define ('WP_HOME', 'http: //'. $ _SERVER ['HTTP_HOST'].); I have a single site with the rewrite function for the other domains, but in the aliase domains it appears that the armember license was not activated only in the main domain, my Question is the Armemer does not support Aliase (rewritten) domains?

  • infolu

    2017-10-19 21:51:48
    Purchased Reply

    Hello some position on my question?

  • reputeinfosystems

    2017-10-20 08:13:50
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, sorry we are on vacation so, replies are slow. we will return on tuesday. Now, regarding your issue, if domain changes then armember license wont work. Thanks

  • pvkgbth

    2017-11-18 21:41:09
    Purchased Reply

    very slow support system :( you should provide support with 24 hrs. we are running paid website and we also responsible to provide services to our users. if you provide support like then no means of membership plugin even your tutorials not providing all things like how create dashboard as you are showing in demo. i though that i will get the dashboard automatically after activating this plugin but nothing works like you demo and your support is very very slow its more 40 hrs and no any reply from you. your reply fast before sale on codecyan but after purcharged the plugin no any one available to reply on ticket.    

  • reputeinfosystems

    2017-11-18 22:01:05
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, let me clear confusion here, our max turnaround time for technical support is around 24-48 hours which we have mentioned in our terms too. Plus during weekends we dont have much support staff available like every other IT company. so, for obvious reason it might have taken little more then expected. we are not ignoring you in any way. And here in comment area i can reply because i am not support person i just need to give basic information here. where as support staff has to check your issue and figure out solution and then have to come back. but, even before 48 hours are over start speaking negative and putting negative reviews is not fair, and it will discourage us to give you further support. so, if you think our product or support is not satisfactory then please issue refund request.we shall process full refunds. Thanks Ankur

  • pvkgbth

    2017-11-18 22:14:27
    Purchased Reply

    how you are rude with your customers.....customers have full rights to to reviews...instead of convincing me, you are making a blame on customers....wow what a great attitude....keep it up

  • pvkgbth

    2017-11-18 22:26:21
    Purchased Reply

    and by the way once i want to remind you that its more then 60 hrs....i was open a ticket at 16/11/2017 12:12 pm.

  • reputeinfosystems

    2017-11-19 00:54:04
    Purchased Reply

    I think you still do not understand i had explained you everything in very straight manner nothing to be rude, but if you comment on my board then i have to explain it. And second thing is just 3 hrs ago you had wrote that its 40 hours passed, and i could see that but after 30 mintues of that you wrote its 60 hours.does not make sense. i think we may not be able to work together. kindly apply for refund and in case if you do not want refund then you will have to trust us. i will try to have support staff assist you faster as possible. Thanks

  • wicz

    2017-11-23 14:05:21
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. Have cyber monday discount to buy addons?

  • reputeinfosystems

    2017-11-23 19:57:59
    Purchased Reply

    use this promocode and you will get 25% off :) BLACKFRIDAY25

  • matheo54

    2017-12-06 03:06:30
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Thanks for this great plugin. When I look your Demo, I'm interresting to do like the section "Your Accessible Webinars" and the page "video-listing" ( with video listing and modal playing video) Is it possible to tell us how make that ? Best Regards

  • reputeinfosystems

    2017-12-06 06:40:57
    Purchased Reply

    of course, we would love to helpe you to use armember best way possible. Kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk. THanks

  • cfcbet

    2017-08-10 07:31:45
    Purchased Reply

    One question before I purchase: our members will need to upload documents (Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF and etc.) on a quarterly basis and I as an admin will be able to download those files. Members need to store those files in their profile pages (or somewhere) so we can go back and review those files when we need to. Is it possible to do that? Thank you!

  • reputeinfosystems

    2017-08-10 08:27:52
    Purchased Reply

    Files downloads to be listed on member profile page is not something armember at present offer. However we have given lots of possibility for customization by your self. Also we offer custom work as well.

  • kstockl

    2017-08-31 09:12:21
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Support! I tried to update one of my Tickets. But it seems there is a Bug in your Helpdesk. After fillin in the form and clicking "Submit reply" the Message had not been saved. I tried this more times without any success. Please take a look into your Helpdesk System. With best Regards, Karl

  • reputeinfosystems

    2017-08-31 09:35:00
    Purchased Reply

    Hey Karl, thanks for informing us. can you please send me private message record small video of what exactly is happening?? As in last an hour we already received couple of replies in various tickets. Regards Ankur

  • kstockl

    2017-08-31 09:50:24
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Ankur, after I got your Mail and read your message here I tried again to fill in the Form and made Video too. But now the Helpdesk Form worked. Crazy :-D

  • reputeinfosystems

    2017-09-01 09:58:35
    Purchased Reply

    no problem :)

  • ABalagtas

    2017-09-12 19:47:31
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Please check my ticket #004730. 1- armember plugins ovewriting my theme css and form (theme is popular and rank1) 2- plugins overwriting css error messge of FORMCRAFT3 Regards

  • reputeinfosystems

    2017-09-13 09:50:58
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, it wont make any better or worst announcing ticket here. Kindly follow at helpdesk. Thanks

  • reputeinfosystems

    2017-09-13 09:51:53
    Purchased Reply

    I checked and your ticket is already been replied and solution is been provided eventhough its not issue of our side.

  • ABalagtas

    2017-09-13 16:55:16
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, thank you for the support and solution you provided. Ticket replied.

  • blancbec83

    2017-09-14 03:11:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I am looking for a solution to let my user - register and post ads (e.g., I am willing to clean your house for 24$) - users can post 1 ad for free (including description/fees/availablity, picture, etc..) - users needs to pay a premium / year to post more than one ad On the other side clients may - watch all ads from users - will have to register to contact them (internal chat) Do you think your solution may be the right one as standalone - do you recommend plugins or any customization ? Thanks a lot for your help Best regards,

  • reputeinfosystems

    2017-09-16 09:48:30
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Sorry for delay in reply. I think what you are asking can be achieved partially through armember but you might need to create some custom plugin to handle ads or need to have any ready plugin to handle that part. we can help you with some custom work if you need. kindly contact me through messagebox of our codecanyon profile page here. Thanks

  • Teemup2017

    2017-09-17 19:23:07
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I installed ArMember on my website and I activated the synchronization with buddypress, however the elements of buddypress take precedence over those of ArMember whereas I would like it to be the reverse. For example on the login page, it is impossible to show the form of ArMember, it is always that of buddypress that appears. How to make ArMember elements take over those of buddypress? Thanks

  • reputeinfosystems

    2017-09-22 07:10:36
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, i think your query is already been addressed in helpdesk.

  • marcosmarcon

    2017-04-25 09:49:51
    Purchased Reply

    Do you know if theres someone translating it to portuguese (pt-br)?

  • reputeinfosystems

    2017-04-26 01:19:54
    Purchased Reply

    sorry. nobody i know of have ready translated po file for Portuguese.

  • West-Kast

    2016-11-16 05:41:02
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, In 'Configure Plan+Sign-Up Page' I suggest implementing a hyperlink for each shortcode. As this hyperlink allows to trigger the related modal. It will be very useful to add this feature, for those (in my case) having templates with brandable buttons implementing hyperlink: easier, better and faster instead of using CSS. Thanks for considering this request. Cheers!

  • reputeinfosystems

    2016-11-16 10:05:50
    Purchased Reply

    sure, will give it a thought.

  • West-Kast

    2016-11-29 01:45:08
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I've seen your update log today about your update major release 1.5 As I was expected to see ‘Configure Plan+Sign-Up Page’ Hyperlink feature included, I hope it will be considered in next update. Thanks.

  • reputeinfosystems

    2016-11-29 20:21:36
    Purchased Reply

    well, thanks for keeping high expectation from us. however its not possible that we can fulfill all requests. i had mentioned that i will give it a thought. I am still not certain about that. can you please provide some more details on how exactly you want to give hyperlink for each shortcode???

  • West-Kast

    2016-11-30 15:31:57
    Purchased Reply

    Okay, let's forget 'Hyperlink', I re-think my request in a simpler way, as I well understand you can not fulfill all of them ;-) So, what do you think about any 'Membership Setup' with the ability to be promptly triggered as an 'External Pop Up Window' when a post or page is protected. See screenshot example https://goo.gl/o8lBj2 In this way, we will have the choice between shortcodes and automatic trigger, depending on the subscribing membership strategy instead of insert properly shortcodes or buttons, where it is impossible to do in specific themes with 90% visual content (in my case).

  • reputeinfosystems

    2016-11-30 20:56:45
    Purchased Reply

    Hey, i would say its really is nice idea. will surely run it through our core team, And if found doable then will be added in future release. Even if we decide to add this feature then also it wont be able to add it in very next release as we have lot of things in our plate so, it will take some time. Another thought is as on today we have lots of features added but are unexplored still we are failed to show them to potential customers or existing ones so, instead of giving too much and make it giant plugin to confuse users.

  • West-Kast

    2016-12-10 12:29:07
    Purchased Reply

    Okay, I understand your backend situation. Let's hope ;-) And thanks to consider this request. Cheers!

  • Rubke

    2016-10-03 05:30:56
    Purchased Reply

    Does this work with woocommerce to let the payment go through woocommerce?

  • reputeinfosystems

    2016-10-03 06:27:23
    Purchased Reply

    if you make payment through woocommerce then you will have to assign pan manually. Or may be you will have to do some custom work in woocommerce that when payment is accepted successfully you call our hook and assign particular plan to user. there is no direct way except you accept payment from armember.

  • reputeinfosystems

    2016-11-26 11:33:23
    Purchased Reply

    Good news for you if you still looking for membership. In ARMember we have added facility so, now you can take payment using woocommerce .

  • fearRacious

    2016-10-22 04:36:38
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, A presale question: Does the plugin be customize to have it charge all members every first day of the month? So for example if ordered on the 14th of this month, will be charged by default in next month’s membership cycle of the 1st.

  • reputeinfosystems

    2016-10-22 08:02:42
    Purchased Reply

    we are already working on this feature. so, very soon it will be there when you can set manual cycle. however it will be possible only when manual payment. Automatic recurring payment in most of payment gateways don't work this way. thanks

  • fearRacious

    2016-10-22 08:08:06
    Purchased Reply

    i see thanks.. But is it possible that there membership will be renewed every first of the month? With that they will be charged every first of the month?

  • reputeinfosystems

    2016-10-22 08:09:22
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, when that options is added you will be able to set cycle date manually. thanks

  • fearRacious

    2016-10-22 08:11:31
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks.. May I know when will it be? Next month? Year? Just need to get the website done with a membership on it..

  • reputeinfosystems

    2016-10-22 08:13:54
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, at the moment cant tell you exact date but certainly in less then 3-4 weeks time feature will be there. :)

  • fearRacious

    2016-10-22 08:22:19
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you!! Purchased it...

  • reputeinfosystems

    2016-10-22 08:27:20
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you for showing confidence in our product and buying it. we are always here to assist you. full detailed documentation, developer documentation and video tutorial library is there for you too. And if you would think any feature is missing in armember then please do us a favor and share it with us. We would love to hear it, as ARMember can not be best featured plugin without help of our customers.

  • fearRacious

    2016-10-22 08:42:02
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks.. Just that feature.. Im setting up the plan but when I go to signup its saying I have make a plan at stripe? Im using stripe to do the payment gateway. I guess for the feature about getting charged every first of the month I have to ask them about it too?

  • reputeinfosystems

    2016-10-22 08:55:17
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, in stripe first you need to create plan on their website and then you can put that plan id in armember to configure. But as per my knowledge stripe may not allow what you are trying to ask. thats why i had told you that when we will add this feature. it probably will be manual payment.

  • fearRacious

    2016-10-22 08:58:05
    Purchased Reply

    yes, but when you meant manual means cant be accepted any gateway and just by bank or wire?

  • reputeinfosystems

    2016-10-22 09:00:06
    Purchased Reply

    no no, it certainly be accepted by payment gateway of course :) but users may have to pay manually on every cycle date whether its through paypal or stripe or other gateway.

  • fearRacious

    2016-10-22 09:02:06
    Purchased Reply

    i see.. just cant be automated. Ok I will ask stripe.. Thank you

  • reputeinfosystems

    2016-10-22 09:04:17
    Purchased Reply

    you welcome

  • fearRacious

    2016-10-22 09:34:12
    Purchased Reply

    By the way, im trying to signup to the support site but its just keeps on loading after I fill the signup form... I like to ask if I can add my own opt ins email subscribe?

  • reputeinfosystems

    2016-10-22 09:40:57
    Purchased Reply

    i think envato servers to authenticate purchase code are not responding may be due to outage at the moment. once you are registered it will work fine. we about to contact theme. so, kindly try after some time. and if it does not work then contact me through message box of our profile page at codecanyon. regarding you want to add your own optins i am not getting it. ARMember has integration with 3 optin softwares aweber, mailchimp & constant contact. we may add mymail. if thats what you were trying to ask.

  • fearRacious

    2016-10-22 09:45:53
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks.. Yes.. I like to add my own email newsletter.. Its called mailx. I can get the form if thats what needed.. If not, I can use mailchimp and just transfer the list.

  • reputeinfosystems

    2016-10-22 19:57:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Mailx is not supported yet. And it does not seem to be popular yet so no near future plan to add it in ARMember.

  • henkinschultz

    2016-10-22 02:59:08
    Purchased Reply

    I need a plugin that will work for gymnastic classes. Can this plugin be set up for: Initial Registration for users: $65 via paypal. Then 6 recurring monthly payments of $50? Or give the user an option of making a full payment of $365 ($65 +$300) or coming back and paying the remaining $300 after the initial $65 is paid? The user really only needs to see their profile and be able to make payments based on classes they select for their children.

  • reputeinfosystems

    2016-10-22 08:00:41
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, interesting requirement. I think what you are asking can be mostly achieved in armember. please go ahead and buy it. we will help you to setup membership as per your need. :) cheers

  • autocrack

    2016-09-13 16:37:12
    Purchased Reply

    Is possible adding balance system or deposit system with this ? like we deposit on envatomarket man , its will really cool .

  • reputeinfosystems

    2016-09-13 23:58:33
    Purchased Reply

    AH, thats nice suggestion, so, you mean then user can do transaction using their deposits?? will add this in our list, we may add this as new payment method in future.

  • barreoblique

    2016-12-22 08:40:34
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you for this new update! A BIG one :D

  • reputeinfosystems

    2016-12-22 08:45:56
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for being supportive all the time. In new version we have some great new unique features like you can now choose whether to allow user to choose their way of paying like they want auto debit for subscription or they choose do to do manual payment. I dont think most other plugins give such facility. Many other things are there in new update. Performance improvement is one of the important thing. wordpress 4.7 compatibility is there. We have just launched 2 new free addon. AffiliateWP support as free addon so, people who need to set affiliate program can use it for free. And we also have added external support for Cornerstone. And two paid addons are coming for two payment gateways Mollie and pageseguro payment gateway integration. we are grateful to our customers like you too, who have given us great suggestions. please keep on sharing your love for ARMember. And we will make it easiest and highest featured plugin. Thanks again :)

  • barreoblique

    2016-12-22 09:32:26
    Purchased Reply

    You are most welcome! I'm using your plugin for a personal project and i test it since a couple of weeks. I dont have many time to spend on this project but what i see of your plugin is great. So, Keep Up the good Work. Review coming soon :D Cheer and once again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • reputeinfosystems

    2016-12-24 08:07:15
    Purchased Reply

    Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

  • nationalbusiness

    2017-01-17 21:33:53
    Purchased Reply

    How to generate 1000 coupons for one time?

  • reputeinfosystems

    2017-01-18 00:58:23
    Purchased Reply

    at present you need to create coupon manually.

  • stadtstreicher_01

    2017-01-23 23:23:45
    Purchased Reply

    hi, my sign up form button doesnt work in safari. got you any idea why? at other browsers like chrome or firefox does it work. could you help me with this please? thank you.

  • reputeinfosystems

    2017-01-24 00:51:44
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Best way to get technical support is our helpdesk. kindly open support ticket at our helpdesk. Thanks

  • avrcata

    2017-03-06 12:26:15
    Purchased Reply

    Hi! Dose it support wordpress multi-sites? I will use a network with different templates. Each website from my network will have a different template bought from themeforest. I want to have same users on every website but on some websites, users have different rights. Also, by using this plugin (if supports multi-sites) I would like my users to have different memberships. I will have a total of 9 web sites serving different services I offer. For example, one of 9 websites is a job board (CareerJob from themeforest). There I would like to have users that are companies (postings jobs) and freelancers (searching for a job). Is your product capable of doing this? Thank you!

  • reputeinfosystems

    2017-03-07 10:05:00
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, i think what you are asking is not possible at present. but we may offer custom work if you want. for that please contact me using message box of our profile page here at codecanyon. Thanks

  • HDCms

    2017-04-20 01:13:06
    Purchased Reply

    HI, SUGGESTIONS CHAMPS & FORMS 1 Descriptive text line for each field in an input form 2 Repeat the fields of buddypress that give the visibility of the field for: me, my friends, everyone ... 3 Do not preselect a radio button: ex; man Woman 4 Hide / unfold content view of sections 5 Rename the form name 6 A map field. Possible to map with another field from another extension 7 Field age (with date) easy navigation before 2000 Thank you for telling me what is possible soon, in a few months or ... never !! Regards

  • HDCms

    2017-04-20 17:09:36
    Purchased Reply

    HI, I am sending an email to the support for the bug but I think the answers to these questions interest everyone :-). Regards

  • reputeinfosystems

    2017-04-21 02:00:48
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, will try to answer as clear as possible but its not possible to give answer on when or never etc on every point. 1. yes will add in future release not certain when but i think we would. 2. not sure at present. 3. never received such request before so, will give it thought. 4. dont think have any plans for this. 5. yes will be fixed in future release. 6. not sure what exactly you mean by another extension. which other extension?? 7. in our current date picker its very easy navigation. if you click on year then it will show list of years and then months etc. its very simple. Thanks

  • HDCms

    2017-04-21 17:42:50
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Thank you for these quick answers and especially the consideration :-) 1 / and 3 / in fact it is in my opinion the general use of forms. Especially 3 / or I never put defaults on some mandatory fields (because humans sometimes type very quickly forms without looking :-( ) 2 / it is to reproduce the basic form of buddypress ! 4 / it is a shame for long forms ! Regards

  • reputeinfosystems

    2017-04-21 18:35:00
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, 3. yes already thinking on that. thanks for suggestion. 4. we are going to give support for arforms integration with armember soon so, then you will be able to create such complex forms easily in arforms and integrate it with armember. Best Regards